191: Why Having a Coach is So Important

Why Having a Coach is So Important

Today I have several guests on the podcast. Alycia Grenesko, Reese Kerlin, and Kristin Kerlin talk with me about why they reached out to me for coaching, what shifted for them during coaching, and what advice they have for others who may be thinking of hiring a coach.

I also speak with my coach, Mimi Bishop, who also holds dual roles as a coach and a coachee. The message here is clear: even experienced coaches need coaches to help see themselves objectively, recognize the thoughts and behaviors that are holding them back, and help them set (and achieve) ambitious goals. Mimi and I also talk about the different kinds of coaches we have sought out for different stages of our lives and businesses.

Whether you are thinking of hiring a career coach (like me), a business coach (like Mimi), or a life coach to help you with relationships, weight loss, or finding a partner, coaches can make a huge difference in your life. Enjoy!

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