166: Moving into the Executive Ranks (with Jawad Ahsan)

Moving into the Executive Ranks (with Jawad Ahsan)

My guest today is Jawad Ahsan, CFO of Axon. We are talking about how to move into the executive ranks.

Jawad set a goal for himself to become an executive, which he first achieved as a divisional CFO at GE Healthcare. By age 34, he was the CFO of a private equity-backed SaaS company; at age 37, he became the CFO of publicly-traded Axon.

In his current role, Jawad leads the company’s global finance, corporate strategy, legal, and IT organizations, as well as Axon’s consumer-facing business. During his tenure, Axon’s market cap has increased from $1B to more than $6B.

Jawad is the author of What They Didn’t Tell Me, which translated the feedback he got and the lessons he has learned along the way into actionable advice for leaders at every level. Jawad shows how charting your own course not only changes how others view you – it changes how you view yourself.

Here are the topics Jawad addresses on this episode:

-His personal journey into the executive ranks, including his biggest surprises

-Three strategies to make yourself the obvious choice to step into the executive ranks

-The biggest mistakes he sees others make when trying to move into the executive ranks

You can find Jawad on LinkedIn at https://www.linkedin.com/in/jawadahsan/

Check out his company, Axon: axon.com

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