158: Career Things to Contemplate During the Holidays

Career Things to Contemplate During the Holidays

I want to break this conversation down into things to contemplate if you are unemployed and things to contemplate if you are employed.

I want to focus on those of you who are employed, because I’ve put so much content out to help the unemployed during COVID.

A couple of brief mentions for the unemployed first:


I highly recommend listening to episode # 154 on cleaning up your mind drama about your job search. It is so important that you look at your situation with honesty and gentleness, while also telling yourself the truth about your situation.

The holidays are the ideal time to evaluate what job search strategies you’ve been using and what traction you are getting on each. What can you eliminate? What can you do more of? What strategy can you add to your arsenal?

This time is also an opportunity to make sure you still want to move in the same direction with your job search. You can pivot or career change…just make sure you like your reasons, and that you aren’t just knee-jerking in response to a difficult job market.


Here are 13 questions I recommend contemplating during the holidays. I am a huge proponent of journaling, so grab a notebook and begin writing.

-What do I truly love about my current job?

-What am I doing in my current job that I would want to stop doing in my next position?

-My predominant emotion about work is: _____. (Examples of an emotion are dread or joy.) Is that the emotion I want to be having? If not, what can I do about it?

-What fulfillment do I get out of my job?

-What fulfillment don’t I get out of my job? Am I getting that fulfillment elsewhere?

-Where have I gone stale in my current role? How can I resolve that?

-What do I think about myself – as a professional, as a colleague, as a boss, as an employee? Do these thoughts serve me?

-What chaos would I introduce into my professional life right now if I weren’t afraid of the consequences?

-Fill in the blank: When people at work think of me, they think…

-What goal can I set for myself for 2021 that would change everything?

-The thing I am best at in my work is _____. Am I leveraging this in the best possible way?

-Something I love to do that I don’t get to do (enough) at work is _____. How can I incorporate this strength more?

-Five years from now, I want…

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