154: 5 Ways Mind Drama Can Creep into your Job Search (with Jane Springer)

5 Ways Mind Drama Can Creep into Your Job Search (with Jane Springer)

This week, I speak with life coach Jane Springer on the types of mind drama I am hearing from clients related to the current job market, their qualifications, themselves as human beings, their job search strategy, and their career focus.

This mind drama is causing people to stop job searching or put in minimal effort – which, of course, solidifies their opinion of the job market and themselves.

Step 1 is recognizing when you are engaging in mind drama; Step 2 is acknowledging which type(s) of mind drama you’re in.

We tackle each of these areas of mind drama and provide concrete action steps to overcome.

1. The job market

“There are no jobs out there.”

“No one’s hiring.”

“There’s so much competition for every position.”

2. Your qualifications and credentials

“I don’t have the proper education.”

“I’m over (or under) qualified.”

“I don’t have ____(fill in the blank with whatever certification or credential you think you need).

3. You as a human being

“I’m too…” (old, young…whatever)

“I’m not confident.”

“I’m not good enough.”

4. Your job search skills/strategy

“I don’t know how to…” (interview, plan a job search, network…)

“I’m not a good interviewer.”

“I’m too shy to network.”

5. Your focus

“Maybe I need to take my career in a different direction.”

“There are no jobs in my field, I’m thinking of changing to…”

“I don’t know what I want to do next.”

Jane is a life and wellness coach, specializing in helping women aged 50+ get unstuck. If you want to lose weight, begin dating again, update your style, or improve your relationships with yourself and others, Jane is a tremendous resources.

Check out Jane Springer at janespringer.com

You can find her “Divinely Inspired Weight Loss Guide” on her website; you can also schedule a complimentary strategy session with her.

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