130: What Job Seekers Need to Know About Executive Recruiting (Interview with George McGehrin)

What Job Seekers Need to Know about Executive Recruiting (Interview with George McGehrin)

This week, I speak with George McGehrin, Founder of The McGehrin Group. George’s firm conducts executive search at the C-level throughout the US, Europe, and South America.

In addition to managing his recruiting firm, George also works with executives to empower their careers through branding and coaching.

Here are the topics George and I discuss during this episode:

-The difference between retained search firms and contingency search firms (this is an important distinction and one of the first questions you should ask a recruiter who reaches out to you)

-Myths about executive recruiting

-How the role of the executive recruiter has changed in the face of COVID

-The proper role of recruiters in your job search

-Ways to cultivate long-term relationships with recruiters as a career management strategy

You can find George at linkedIn.com/in/gmcgehrin

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