125: Making it Through a Job Search Unscathed

Making it Through a Job Search Unscathed

…okay, maybe I overstated a bit in the heading. Disappointment, rejection, and frustration are part of the deal when it comes to job searching.

Here’s what is optional during a job search: Beating. Yourself. Up.

Making that rejection notice…that non-response…mean something about you as a human being. As an employee. As a valuable contributor to the world.

In the midst of Virus Jail, it’s even easier than usual to beat ourselves up during the job search.

-Jobs aren’t growing on trees like they seemingly were just a few months ago.

-Some industries are laying off, not hiring.

-A lot of companies are taking a “wait and see” attitude to hiring.

-Other companies will tell you they want to hire you…they just aren’t sure when.

Here’s the question I want you to ask yourself about any thought that comes up for you during your job search:

How does this thought feel when I think it?

How do I feel when I think “I’m too old to get a job”?

How do I feel when I think “I’m not going to get a job without a bachelor’s degree”?

How do I feel when I think “I bombed that interview”?

Better thoughts mean better results

Conversely, practice these thoughts:

“I still have 10 or more good years to contribute, and the right company will value my wisdom and experience.”

“I have skills and experiences any company would benefit from.”

“I learned a lot from that interview, and I will do much better the next time.”

My coach says we’re all delusional, so it only makes sense to be delusional in a way that serves you.

In a way that feels good.

Repeat after me:

“I will be an amazing addition to the right company.”

“I will go through as many rejections as necessary to get to my dream job.”

“I am a fantastic employee.”

Now go out there and get rejected. Get ignored. Lather, rinse, repeat.

And keep telling yourself how amazing you are.

Because you are amazing.

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