080: Places to Network (and how to maximize them)

Places to Network and How to Maximize Them

All this month, I’m doing a deep dive into networking. So far I’ve talked about why networking is important and how most people go about networking. I’ve also told you about my Bow and Arrow Approach to networking.

Today, let’s talk about where you can network. The events or organizations that can provide significant potential benefit to networking for a new job. For my description of these events and the benefits of each, listen to the podcast.

  1. Chamber of Commerce networking events.
  2. Civic club meetings.
  3. SHRM (Society of Human Resource Management)
  4. Non-profit fundraisers
  5. Affinity groups
  6. Community organizations
  7. Alumni gatherings
  8. Community festivals or events
  9. Organized networking events
  10. Church or other religious establishments
  11. Professional meetings
  12. Career fairs
  13. LinkedIn groups

Let’s talk about how to make the most of these networking events. Here are my top tips:

Set a goal

Decide ahead of time what will constitute success for each networking event, and get to making it happen. Is it the number of people you want to speak to, particular people you want to speak to, a resource you want to identify?

Prepare a brief elevator pitch

I like to keep the initial intro to one sentence. If the other person is interested in knowing more, they will ask. If not, you haven’t wasted your breath.

-You can give your name, job title, and current employer

-You can give your name and the position you’re seeking

-If you have your own business, you can tease them with what service you provide.

Free up your hands

Put your business cards in one pocket, and the cards you collect from others in a different pocket. Women, leave your purse in your car so you can be hands-free.

Position yourself

The two best places to stand in order to meet people is near the food or near the beverage station. Avoid getting stuck in a corner where it’s more difficult to get away from someone who is monopolizing your time.

Make notes immediately

Once you’ve met with someone, turn their business card over and make notes about your conversation. Do it right away, before you move on to the next person.

Connect on LinkedIn

Connect immediately with everyone whose business card you get at the networking event. Remind them that you met them at the networking event.

Schedule one-on-one meetings as appropriate

For those people you want to further the relationship with, schedule one-on-one meetings as soon as possible.

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