Should You Seek That Internal Promotion?

Should You Seek That Internal Promotion?

In this week’s podcast, I talk about my nine top tips to position yourself for an internal promotion, and my top six tips for navigating the internal promotion process.

Today, let’s drill down on my top suggestion for navigating the internal promotion process, meeting with your boss or other key decision-maker BEFORE throwing your hat in the ring for an internal promotion.

There are two primary reasons I want you to do this. One of those reasons is external and one of those reasons is internal.

Externally, you don’t want to be known as the guy who wanted the job but wasn’t really considered for it. You don’t want to be known as the woman the new boss might have a problem with.

This reputation does nothing for your stock value with the company.

Internally, it just doesn’t feel good to be cast aside in favor of someone who’s never worked for the company. Of course, it all depends on what you tell yourself about not being considered…what you decide to make it mean.

Here’s the deal: you’re not having a conversation with a decision-maker about whether or not you will be actually offered the position, but rather you are asking about whether or not you will be seriously considered as a viable candidate.

I have a very strong bias against including internal candidates in the hiring pool unless they are going to be seriously considered, because I’ve seen time and again the damage it does.

A first-round “courtesy interview” is, at best, a waste of everyone’s time. At worst, it is incredibly demotivating to be put through the initial phase of the process when no one is thinking of you as a viable candidate.

Now, if you are seriously considered as a viable candidate, but ultimately aren’t offered the position, you’ll have to decide what this means for your future at that company. Do you believe you can still fully contribute to the organization under the leadership of the person they chose? Are there still accomplishments you want to achieve at that organization?

Or, conversely, do you believe it is in your best professional interest to look elsewhere now?

It’s a personal decision, of course…and one that should be made with careful consideration.

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