Maximizing the Impact of Your LinkedIn Heading

In this week’s podcast, I talk about “Articulating Your Brand on LinkedIn.”

Today, let’s talk specifically about your heading-the statement at the top of your profile, underneath your name.

A Few Examples

Here are the heading examples I gave, all written for my clients (you have 120 characters for this section):

B2B Business Development | Managing complex sales cycles, winning significant accounts, & catapulting top-line revenue

Senior Financial Executive | Achieving aggressive corporate goals with financial expertise & strong leadership

Creative Marketing Director | Delivering exceptional quality and innovative concepts within tight deadlines and budgets

To break this down: the first part (before the pipe) is your job title, or your aspirational job title. As you decide what to put here, it’s important to think SEO.

If your current job title isn’t what you are actively looking for next, you won’t show up in recruiters’ searches.

If your current job title doesn’t translate well outside your organization, you won’t show up in recruiters’ searches.

In the example “B2B Business Development,” we translated my client’s unclear job title to make it perfectly clear 1) he is in B2B rather than B2C, and 2) he is in business development.

In the example “Senior Financial Executive,” my client didn’t want to be limited because her current title is CFO of a smaller organization. In a larger organization, her title would likely be VP or even Senior Director. So “Senior Financial Executive” keeps her options open, while still including “Financial.”

The second part of these headings is the value-add. What do you bring to the table that differentiates you from your competition?

In the third example, “Delivering exceptional quality and innovative concepts within tight deadlines and budgets” tells the reader that she (unlike many in her space) is great at managing deadlines and budgets.

Of course, she has to support this elsewhere in her profile, and we did.

Same with the other two examples – we made sure to support the claims in their heading throughout their profile.

If you simply include your current job title, you are missing a prime opportunity to brand yourself.

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