Get Your (Wardrobe) Act Together! (with Jane Springer)

Get Your (Wardrobe) Act Together! (with Jane Springer)

n this week’s podcast, I interviewed stylist and life coach Jane Springer about dressing for the job interview. Here are some additional tidbits of fashion wisdom from Jane (

## For my dudes

Get rid of your double-pleated pants. I know you love them, but they look like you have a pouch in front and not in a good way. My husband says that they will come back in style. I don’t really care.

You may have suits with pleated pants. It’s expensive to get rid of the suit, so keep your coat on to camouflage the baggy pleats.

Dudes just look slimmer in flat-front pants. Mike dropped.

The light-wash relaxed fit (read:baggy) jeans have got to go. The exception is if you want to wear them doing yard work. (But even then…)

A nice pair of dark-wash or black jeans can be worn practically anywhere (casual Fridays, date night, etc.)

A client once said “I get more compliments on the dark blue jeans and the chinos without the pleats you told me to buy.”

What more can I say?

No scuffed shoes, please! People notice–you could have the nicest outfit on and negate the whole thing with scuffed shoes.

And last, but not least, no t-shirt/undershirts with deodorant stains. To be blunt, they are just gross.

## For my ladies (and my dudes)

If your closet could talk, what would it say?

“I’m stuffed!”

“I’m bored!”

“I’m tired!”

“I’m sad!”

“I’m quirky!”

“You’ve given up, haven’t you?”

“I’m amazing, and so are you!”

If your closet said anything other than that last comment, it’s time for an intervention.

You’ve probably said to yourself, “I really need to do something about this, but I don’t have time.” (Substitute the excuse of your choice.)

You have three sizes of jeans. There’s that sweater you’ll wear sometime, although it hasn’t been in the past five years. Then there are those cool shoes that kill your feet, so you don’t wear them.

A stuffed-to-overflowing closet with nothing to wear. Take heart, all is not lost.

Talk back to your closet. Tell it there’s a new sheriff in town named the Fashion Police. Tell it offenders WILL be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the Fashion Law.

It helps to have an expert, objective third party there who will tell you the truth (like me.)

Pull everything out. Start trying things on, look in the mirror and say, “Do I love it, is it useful, have I worn it in the past year?”

If the answer is no to any of those questions, out it goes. Create piles for Keep, Donate, and Throw Away.

Don’t forget this important final step: Donate the Donate pile, and throw away the Throw Away pile. No cheating!

For help culling your current wardrobe, planning a new work or casual wardrobe, or shopping for your new threads, contact Jane at Her website is

Happy wardrobing!

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