Don’t Be a Networking Barnacle!

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Don’t Be a Networking Barnacle!

Here’s a definition of networking I really like: “A supportive system of sharing information and services among individuals and groups having a common interest.”

Supportive…Sharing…Common Interests.

This week’s podcast is titled “Brilliant Networking for Brilliant People.” I know the listeners of my podcast, and the readers of my blog, are brilliant people.

A little self-disclosure: when I started writing this blog today, I felt like I’ve beaten the subject of “networking” to death.

Then I stepped back a bit, and remembered it’s such an important topic that I probably should be beating it to death.

In this week’s podcast, I give my top seven tips for becoming a brilliant networker.

Today, let’s talk about networking barnacles.

Specifically, how you don’t want to be a networking barnacle.

Think about barnacles: they attach themselves to the sides or bottom of the boat, eating other parasites.

The boat in no way benefits from these barnacles; in fact, the boat is damaged because of the barnacles.

I don’t want you to be a networking barnacle-all take and no give.

Instead, I want you to have a symbiotic networking relationship. A relationship where both parties benefit equally.

But what if someone else is “barnacling” you?

A few months ago, I had an initial networking meeting with a promising contact. He reached out to me after I spoke at an organization meeting, and I believed we could both help each other. We are in the same field, after all.

Throughout our networking meeting, I was very aware of my energy level. I felt as though I was being grilled for information…contacts…ideas…with little given in return.


There wasn’t much I could do during that meeting, short of getting up and walking out, but afterwards I vowed not to meet again with this individual.

Here’s the message: continue to evaluate your networking contacts. Spend more time with the individuals (and groups) you are in symbiosis with; remove yourself from the individuals and groups you are being barnacled by.

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