#025 Career Q&A with College Students (Part 1)

025: Career Q&A with College Students (Part 1)

This week’s and next week’s podcasts will focus on a Q&A session I had with two college students-Melizza Black and Jolana Alonso of Florida State University. They fired questions at me that are on their minds, as well as career-related questions their friends wanted them to ask me.

Here are the questions we cover this week (for my answers, listen to the podcast!):

Q: When should we start looking for an internship?

Q: Where can I look for an internship?

Q: How early in college should I start thinking about my career?

Q: What can I start doing to make sure I have a job at graduation?

Q: Does the major I choose require me to work in that industry? Conversely, do I have to have a specific major to get the job I want?

Q: What do employers care about when they are hiring recent college graduates? In other words, what are they looking for?

Q: What are some of the worst mistakes I can make on my resume?

Q: Should a resume be one page?

Q: Is it okay to be more creative with our resume, such as layout, format, color, etc?

Q: What are the most important things I should have on my LinkedIn profile?

Stay tuned next week for Part 2 of Career Q&A with College Students!

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