#024 Increasing Your Value to Your Employer (with Jane Springer)

Increasing Your Value to Your Employer (with Jane Springer)

Your relationships at work are important. And each of those relationships is a direct result of the relationship you have with yourself.

If you are unsure of yourself and have negative thoughts about your work performance, those thoughts will show up at work.

If you think your boss doesn’t support you or is trying to sabotage you, those thoughts will most definitely affect the results you get at work.

Today’s guest is Jane Springer, life and style coach. We’re talking about how to increase the value you bring to your employer.

Our discussion centers around the thought model developed by Brooke Castillo of The Life Coach School. Brooke is the life coach for both Jane and me.

Brooke talks about “confirmation bias,” the idea that whatever thought we have, our brain seeks evidence of that thought.

If we think our boss doesn’t appreciate or recognize our efforts, our brain will seek out proof for that thought.

If, on the other hand, we think our boss does appreciate our contributions, our brain will seek proof for that thought.

When your boss criticizes your work, are you making it mean he doesn’t like you? Or are you making it mean he wants you to improve and is giving you constructive criticism?

Whatever result you want in life, determine what thoughts you need to have to get there.

This practice of “thinking about what you think about” has nothing to do with what other people say, think, or do. It’s all about your brain.

Here’s the model:

A circumstance in your life (which is always neutral and fact-based) -

Produces a thought -

Which generates a feeling -

Which compels you to action, inaction, or reaction -

Which produces a result.

Here’s what you are doing: training your brain to intentionally think thoughts that serve you. Creating new neural pathways in your brain to supplant the old, unconscious thoughts that aren’t serving us.

Maybe the new thought isn’t believable to you initially. The more you practice that thought, the more believable it will become. That new thought will get stronger and stronger.

Jane Springer, life and style coach, can be reached at Jane@janespringer.com, or you can visit her website http://www. janespringer.com.

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