Think About What You’re Thinking About

Think About What You’re Thinking About

This week’s podcast is titled “Your Thoughts Determine EVERYTHING.” I’m spending one month going through the facets of the thought model as developed by my coach, Brooke Castillo.

Last week was about the neutrality of the circumstances in your life. Nothing is good or bad until we have a thought about it.

And the thought you have will determine the results you get.

Let’s bring this back around to your work situation.

I invite you to come up with five sentences you can practice on the reg. Thoughts you want to believe.

Then, when you find yourself going to the negative place with your thoughts, you gently redirect your brain to one of those sentences.

This is about conscious thought. Thinking about what you’re thinking about. Thinking on purpose.

Here are some sentences you might want to believe:

“I have a job that pays the bills.”

“I have insurance benefits.”

“I enjoy working with NAME.” (co-worker)

“My company is good at BLANK.” (what you think they are good at)

“I enjoy BLANK.” (an aspect of the job you enjoy)

When you find yourself thinking “I hate my job” you can insert “I have a job that pays the bills” or “I have insurance benefits.” Or you can think about an aspect of the job you really like.

When you find yourself hating on a co-worker, redirect your thinking to a co-worker you really enjoy working with.

When you find yourself thinking your employer is the worst, think of something they do well.

This takes PRACTICE. Your primitive brain likes to be efficient, and it’s gotten good at thinking those negative thoughts.

Why go to the trouble? Because there’s no upside in having negative thoughts about work. You won’t perform at your peak if you are a Negative Nancy. If you’re like Eeyore, finding the cloud in every situation.

Doesn’t matter what anyone else says or does. YOU get to choose what you want to think. I promise this is true.

Go forth and think ON PURPOSE.

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