The Antidote to the Vanilla Resume

The Antidote to the Vanilla Resume

This week’s podcast is “Resume Reconstruction Camp,” and I talk about the differences between what most people call a resume (I call it a “data sheet”) and a branded resume.

Spoiler alert: I’m fixin’ to go on a rant. (Yep, I’m from the South.)

The vast majority of resumes I see (and I see ALOT), are completely non-differentiating.

How do you expect to stand out in a crowded employment market with statements like this:

“Highly motivated entry-level candidate with strong work ethic and great interpersonal skills.”

“Hard worker, with a bachelor’s degree in BLANK and excellent communication skills.”

Here’s the problem with these statements:

  • They don’t differentiate the candidate whatsoever.

They are opinions, which carry no weight with a prospective employer.

  • In many cases, they are the price of entry, i.e. “A bachelor’s degree.”

How can something that is listed as a requirement in the job description…something as basic in the U.S. as an undergraduate degree…differentiate you from your competition?

Oh, and while I’m ranting…don’t you DARE put an objective on your resume. A prospective employer couldn’t care less what YOU want…they want to know what you can do for them.

Besides, isn’t the objective of every resume to GET A JOB? That’s understood.

Calm down, Lesa. Calm down. Take deep breaths. After all, if everyone was a Master Resume Writer like you (and the other 21 or so in the world), the world wouldn’t need you like it does.

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Okay, rant over. One more thing, though: you can be sure the hiring managers and HR employees who are looking at those completely non-differentiating resumes are ranting too.

Wouldn’t you rather your resume be the one they want to show their co-workers because it’s so freaking amazing?

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