How to Slay it at Work…No Matter the Circumstance

How to Slay it at Work…No Matter the Circumstance

In my podcast this month, I’m walking you through the facets of the thought model created by my coach, Brooke Castillo. This week’s podcast focuses on “The Neutrality of Circumstances.”

Here’s the bottom line: the circumstances of your life are neutral. There is no meaning – positive or negative – until you have a thought about that circumstance.

I promise this is true.

Your boss has decided to fire you. It’s business as usual for you until you hear “You’re fired!”

Then you have a thought about being fired.

Perhaps that thought is “My world has just crashed.”

Perhaps your thought is “Thank goodness! I hated this job.”

Maybe you think “I know how to find another job.”

Each of these thoughts is going to take you down a different road of feelings, actions, and results.

So what should you do when when your boss is a maniacal micro-manager…your coworker is a lazy know-it-all…your company is laying off people like it’s a Black Friday sale?

In a nutshell: REMOVE THE DRAMA.

Look at the actual circumstance. The facts of the situation that could be proven in a court of law…devoid of all emotion and bias.

Here are some possibilities:

“My boss is named BLANK.”

“My coworker has the job title BLANK.”

“My company under-performed in the second quarter, and is right-sizing as a result.”

Here’s how this benefits you: If you are thinking your boss is a jerk, what’s the upside for you?

There is none. You’re not going to put forth your best effort if your first waking thought is “I HATE MY BOSS.”

Not going to happen.

Maybe your boss is a bit of a jerk, but there’s no upside to you thinking that.

You’re not going to believe a thought that your boss is wonderful, either…so don’t try to go there.

A nice, neutral thought like “I have a boss” or “My boss’s name is BLANK” is something you can believe. (You’ll need to practice this thought, and re-direct your brain as it tries to go back into “he’s a jerk” mode.)

You’re not making these thought shifts for the benefit of the company, your boss, or your coworker. You’re making these thought shifts for YOUR benefit.

Because these thought shifts will allow you to put forth your best effort NO MATTER what is going on around you.

So you can lay your head on your pillow every evening, confident in the knowledge that you gave your very best effort at work that day. You SLAYED it.

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