Feelings Ahead of Time

Feelings Ahead of Time

This week’s podcast is titled “How Do You Want to Feel?” I’m spending the month going through the facets of the thought model as developed by my coach, Brooke Castillo.

Here’s Brooke’s definition of a feeling: A vibration in your body.

Sadness vibrates differently than happiness. Anger vibrates differently than peace. Commitment vibrates differently than hopelessness.

I invite you to decide ahead of time how you want to feel in a given situation, and then feel that way on purpose.

I also invite you to think about the ways in which you may be buffering your feelings.

What do I mean?

You’re angry at BLANK, so you go shopping to make yourself feel better.

You’re pissed you didn’t get that promotion, so you get drunk.

You’re terrified of the presentation you have coming up tomorrow, so you binge on junk food the night before.

Buffering is anything you do to avoid feeling. Buffering has a net-negative consequence in your life.

You go into debt.

You have a hangover.

You gain weight.

See how that works?

Be willing to feel any emotion on purpose. I promise, feelings can’t actually hurt you (not physically, anyway).

If you’re angry at someone, instead of spending gobs of money on random crap, sit with your anger and sort out the facts (the circumstance) from your thoughts.

If you decide you do want to feel angry, make sure you like your reason. If you don’t want to feel angry, choose a different thought about that person that you like better, and practice thinking it.

Keep asking yourself this question: What’s the upside of being angry at this person? What’s the upside of getting drunk over a failed promotion? What’s the upside of stuffing my mouth with food?

Decide what you want to feel ahead of time, and make sure you think thoughts that will generate that feeling.

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