Which Areas of Expertise Are Most In-Demand Right Now?

Which Areas of Expertise Are Most In-Demand Right Now?

This week’s podcast talks about identifying your Areas of Expertise.

I like to think of Areas of Expertise as being specialties within a Skill Set.

For example, one of your Motivated Skills (what you’re really good at AND love to do) is Management and Supervision, which is defined as “Skilled at overseeing, managing, and directing the work of others. Able to motivate individuals to perform at their peak level. ”

You have had the opportunity in your job to supervise the summer college interns for three years, which you excel at and enjoy doing. You now have the Area of Expertise of “Supervising College Interns.”

See how that works?

What’s in Demand?

Let’s talk about some of the most in-demand Areas of Expertise. Not surprisingly, many are in the tech area:


Cloud Computing

Applied Machine Learning

Artificial Intelligence

Data Science

Mobile Application Development

Data Storage Systems and Management

Middleware and Integration Software

Web Architecture

Algorithm Design

Java Development

Tableau Software

User Experience Design

C++ Programming

MySQL Programming

Swift Development

Chat Support

Android Development

Unity 3D Game Development

Within Marketing, the areas in demand are also tech-based:

Digital Advertising

Content Curation

Online Content Strategy

Digital Monitoring and Analytics

Marketing Automation

Pardot Marketing (I don’t actually know what this is)

Another frequently mentioned Skillset is multiculturalism. What is the Area of Expertise you can develop within that broad skill?

Being a PMP (Project Management Professional) is a highly desired certification. If you choose to obtain (or already hold) the PMP designation, what Area of Expertise can you specialize in?

Skills in Demand

The Top 5 skills at the top 10 companies, according to one list, are:





Customer Service

Think about the Areas of Expertise you can develop within those broad skill sets.

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