The Macro- and Micro-Levels of Your Career Choice

The Macro- and Micro-Levels of Your Career Choice

This week’s podcast is about identifying and incorporating your Core Values into your career choice.

Let’s talk about this at the Macro, Micro, and Micro-Micro level (I totally made that last one up).

Example #1

Perhaps one of your Core Values is “Earnings Directly Tied to My Contribution.” You choose the career field of sales because you know the more successful you are in your job, the more money you will make. This is the Macro-Level.

You accept a sales position with a company that is 100% commission. However, once you get in the job, you find that the compensation system makes it very difficult, if not downright impossible, to earn more than about $100k. This is the Micro-Level.

Let’s say you are a pharmaceutical rep who is selling an older drug, one for a disease state that has recently seen a flood of new drugs on the market. You are, in essence, selling old, unsexy medication. On the Micro-Micro level, you might have to work your tail off to earn much selling your drug.

See how this works?

Example #2

One of your core values is “A Collaborative Work Environment.” You’ve chosen the career field of teaching…what could be more collaborative than that? This is the Macro-Level.

You accept a teaching position in a school district that is facing severe budget cuts. The teachers all have large class sizes, and there is rampant fear of more personnel getting the ax. As a result, no one is helping anyone else…everyone is looking out for themselves. This is the Micro-Level.

You, however, have the opportunity to affect the English department at your school, of which you are a member. You bring some creative team-building activities to the table and decide you are going to help your fellow teachers in any way you can. This is the Micro-Micro Level.

Get it?

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