Employee Benefits: Really Cool & Downright Weird

Employee Benefits: Really Cool & Downright Weird

Unusual Employee Benefits

In this week’s podcast, I talked about what employees value most in an employer. Today, I wanted to tag-team on that idea with some of the most unusual / coolest / strangest employee perks I found.

You Get What You Make

A thread emerged; one that makes total sense. Many companies have a perk around the product they make or service they provide.

-Michelin has a free tire program for its employees and a tire rebate program for family members of their employees.

-Penguin Random House offers unlimited free books.

-Ben & Jerry’s gives its employees a free pint of ice cream daily. (I would weigh 500 pounds if I worked there. I’m obsessed with “Everything But the…”)

-Patagonia gives its employees time off for a midday surf.

-One of my clients works for a startup in NYC that is like Groupon. As an employee, she gets free whatever promotions her company is running.

The message here is clear: If you are passionate about something, working for a company that does the thing you are passionate about will likely mean you’ll get some perks around your passion.

Some More Unusual Ones

According to businessnewsdaily, here are some unusual perks:

-Pet-friendly (I personally would love to work somewhere that everyone has brought their dog into…although I might not get anything done)

-No official work hours (Netflix does this) and/or unlimited time off

-On-site haircuts (Google)

-Pet insurance and pre-paid legal (Zappos)

-On-site wine/beer (I’ve experienced this at multiple employers including Busch and advertising agencies. I guess you’re more creative when you’re a bit soused.)

Downright Weird

Admittedly, I found some really unusual ones, such as:

-Egg freezing for female employees

-Monthly beauty budget (Maybe not that weird, especially if your work requires you to look your best every day.)

-Spending money for remote workers. (?)

-Free housecleaning services (yes please)

-Fridge stocked with snacks

Here’s the message, and it’s the same one I’ve said on numerous occasions: Make sure you know your “must haves” in an employer you would work for…then make sure those are present before saying yes.

Don’t be swayed by shiny, interesting, weird perks if your “must haves” are missing. For most of you, the things I’ve listed above wouldn’t be on your “must have” list…but could be fun additions.

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