Be Great Where You Are

Be Great Where You Are

In this week’s podcast, I give you my top eight tips for being ARFO.

ARFO is the term I coined for the practice of never going “in” and “out” of job search mode, but rather staying in readiness mode for opportunities that might arise.

Always Ready For Opportunity. ARFO.

Tip #2: Be Great Where You Are.

The chance of a recruiter or prospective employer reaching out to you with a great opportunity increases exponentially if you are killing it in your current job.

Here’s what I hear from far too many people: “I can’t give my best in this job, because my boss doesn’t appreciate my efforts,” or “I’m just marking time until I can get out of this place.”

Or other variations on this theme.

The most important thing to understand about that mindset is that you are decreasing your chances of going elsewhere, while increasing your chances of termination.

Decreasing your chances of going elsewhere, because your under-performance and poor attitude will make it far less likely that a recruiter will reach out to you.

Or, if he/she does reach out, it is highly unlikely that you’ll make it past the first cut because that attitude will bleed through, or your decreased output will be uncovered.

Increasing your chances of termination, because you’re not contributing at the level you used to. And reduced contribution by an employee almost always equals a corresponding reduction in engagement.

In plain English: You’re not giving your employee what they are paying for, and you’re mentally checked out (at least partially). So why should they continue to pay you? They might choose not to.

I realize I’m being pretty straightforward, but the upside here is that you are completely in control of your attitude and performance at work.

If you don’t believe this, listen to podcast #005, entitled “Think Yourself Motivated.”

Read the corresponding blog, entitled “Factors That May Be Sabotaging Your Motivation at Work:”

It may seem oxymoronic, but I promise you the best way to get swept away with a fantastic new position is to kill it every day with your current employer.

Think of it as a challenge: “There’s nothing anyone can do or say to me today that will cause me to give less than 100%. I am a superstar.”

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