Set Goal, Do the Work, Achieve Goal. Rinse and Repeat.

Big announcement; huge.

Last week I earned the designation of Master Resume Writer.

This is a really big deal.

There are fewer than 25 of us IN THE WORLD.

It was tough.

I spent hours pulling my portfolio together and I took a grueling English language and grammar test.

Here’s what I want to say about this process: SO WORTH IT.

At the outset, I could have thought something like, “There are fewer than 25 MRWs in the world; what makes me think I’ll be one?”

Instead, I chose to go for it. I decided if I was rejected that 1) at least I could say I tried, 2) I could try again after the waiting period, and 3) I wouldn’t make it mean something about me as a person.

Now that I’ve achieved this certification, I’m telling anyone who will listen about what I did. I’m SOO proud of myself.

What are you putting off because you think it will be too hard? You might lose? It might “cost” too much (money, time, whatever)?

Trying, failing, and sometimes succeeding…this is part of the deal called being human.

Just picture yourself on the other side of your attempt. How you’ll feel about yourself if you succeed. How proud you’ll be.

Then picture yourself on the other side of a “failed” attempt. What would you make that mean? Can you look at it as a valuable learning experience rather than a fatal flaw in you?

My mantra for 2018 is “Balls to the Wall”. I’m not letting fear, worry, lack, or anything else stop me from going for my impossible goal.

What are you going to go for in 2018?

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