How to Freak Your Brain Out in 2018

How to Freak Your Brain Out in 2018

In this week’s podcast, I gave my top six tips for managing your career. They come directly from my coach, Brooke Castillo. If you’d like more details about each of these tips, be sure to listen to this week’s podcast, entitled “How to Plan for a Successful 2018.”

In the podcast, I talk about setting an impossible professional goal for 2018 – one that makes your brain completely seize up and freak out.

Why an impossible goal? Why not a stretch goal, but one that is possible?

Because either way, your brain is going to freak out. Your brain is going to tell you that a goal, any goal, that requires you to change and evolve is likely to physically harm you.

That’s your primitive brain talking…that part of your brain responsible for keeping you safe, maximizing your pleasure, and minimizing your effort.

Safety…an overabundance of pleasure…minimal effort…does that sound like the way to a better life?

If you answered “Yes!” then we have some work to do on your hedonism.

If you have evolved enough to recognize that our new purpose on this planet is to take risks (because playing it safe keeps us in the cave), minimize our pleasure (because pleasure is omnipresent and we can access small doses whenever we need it), and maximize our effort (because we’re utilizing our brain rather than our brawn).

So, if your brain is going to freak out either way, why not reach for an impossible goal?

That way, when your brain tells you you’re gonna die if you attempt this…that’s it’s crazy to even try…

You can AGREE.

Yep, you can tell your brain, “You know what, brain? This is crazy! It’s totally dangerous. I agree!”

This will freak your brain out even further.

Tee-hee-hee, brain.

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