Don’t Be the Generic Job Candidate!

Don’t Be the Generic Job Candidate!

Your brand.

Not your company’s brand.

Not the brand of the product you market or sell.

Brand YOU.

You wouldn’t expect your customer to buy a product if they didn’t know what it was or exactly what it would do for them. What benefits they would get from purchasing that product.

The same is true for Brand YOU.

Your potential customers (i.e. employers) need to know exactly what makes you different…better…than the other products (i.e. candidates) on the shelf.

Understanding, and articulating, your brand requires an objective eye to your career. Often, the best way to view yourself objectively is to ask those you’ve worked with how they see you.

When my clients stall out on this question, I invite them to answer two questions:

  1. What am I consistently called upon to do?

Is it turning around under-performing departments, building departments from the ground up to become showpieces for the organization, or growing business with existing customers?

  1. What’s my secret sauce?

HOW do I accomplish what I accomplish? Is it my ability to secure the best talent in the industry and keep them? My ability to build long-term relationships with customers? Seeing potential in a customer and presenting that customer with solutions to their problems that catapult their results?

Sometimes it’s not so much the individual aspects of your brand, but rather the combination of those brand attributes that makes you different.

This is the crux of my brand. Many people in my field have a master’s degree, many have the same certifications, many have similar experience. Others provide great customer service, are personable, and produce great results.

There are very few, if any, who can claim all of these qualities. I do, and that’s my brand.

Before your next job search, be sure you are able to clearly articulate Brand YOU. Otherwise, you’re the less-expensive, fallback generic.

And, my sales and marketing superstars, you are DEFINITELY not generic!

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