#012 Planning for a Successful 2018

Planning for a Successful 2018

Your career is not something that happens to you.

It should be something you carefully manage.

Today, I want to give some high-level concepts about managing your career.

Here are my top six tips, which come directly from my coach, Brooke Castillo:

Set an impossible professional goal for 2018 – one that makes your brain go “yikes!” If your brain doesn’t completely freak out at this goal, it’s not impossible.

It has to be measurable – you have to know, clearly, whether or not you achieve this goal. You also want to set a date and time to achieve this goal.

Here’s the reason for an impossible goal: when your primitive brain freaks out at this goal (because it is convinced it will kill us), you can AGREE WITH YOUR BRAIN. Yep brain, I know it’s impossible! You’re right! Puts you and your brain on the same side.

Use two full sheets of paper to write down all the thoughts that come up about that impossible goal. Write, write, write. How am I going to do it? Where will I find the time? I don’t know how! Get it out.

For each of those thoughts, write out a strategy to solve. If, for example, your thought is “I don’t have any management experience,” then how can you get management experience in the next year? Come up with a plan – this will take you from a feeling of overwhelm and confusion to a plan to move forward.

Plan 25 epic failures each quarter for your goal. These should be worthy attempts that are probably going to fail…as opposed to failures that happen because you didn’t make the attempt.

It’s what you make that failure mean that makes all the difference. If you make the failure mean “this is the currency by which I eventually succeed,” you’ll have very different results than if you make that failure mean something negative about you.

Finally, calendar everything. No to-do lists here! Schedule time for everything, and honor those commitments to yourself.

Whether you achieve the impossible goal you set for yourself or not, you will certainly be a different person for making the attempt. If you can see how to achieve your goal as the person you are now, then it’s not an impossible goal. If you can see the route to achieving that goal, then it’s not an impossible goal.

Start this process by brainstorming possible “impossible” goals, so you have some options from which to choose. One of those goals will likely rise to the top as being a key to achieving many of the other goals.

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