Life Lessons from Falling, Coughing, and Boarding Up

Life Lessons from Falling, Coughing, and Boarding Up

This is going to be a different blog for me.

I’m going “off script,” so to speak.

I’ve been reflecting over the last week about this year.

Going back to last December, it started with a rather serious fall. One where someone else was at fault. We’re talking lawyers and settlements. and months of rehabilitation.

In June, I came down with a serious bout of bronchitis; one that (apparently) required 80 antibiotics to cure.

Then September, and the preparations for Hurricane Irma.

And her aftermath. Not just what she did to my town of Tallahassee, which was minimal, but what she did to this state I so love.

As September closed out, I found myself in the ER for what turned out to be diverticulitis. If you don’t know what that is, look it up. It’s pretty awful. Fifty more antibiotics.

Here’s why I’m telling you all this: through many peoples’ lenses, I’ve had a difficult year. A “bad” year.

I don’t see it that way.

This past year has been amazing, on so many levels.

What I’ve come to understand is this: about half of life is what my life coach calls “ass.”

In other words, it’s not all rainbows and puppies.

It’s the contrasts in life that make for the full range of human experience.

  • Sickness has made me appreciate my health.

Not being able to work has made me appreciate it all the more when I am able to work.

  • Having friends rally around me to do what I cannot do for myself serves as a road map for how I want to show up in other peoples’ lives when they are in need.

The bad weather inherent in Florida is part of the deal, for living in paradise.

You see, we’re not meant to be happy…healthy…wealthy…successful all the time.

If we were, we wouldn’t appreciate it. We would simply expect to be happy…healthy…wealthy…successful, all the time.

There’s another piece to this, and it is getting back up again.

I’ve learned how to accommodate the situations in my life without making excuses.

How to just GET IT DONE, no matter what.

And not to beat myself if the project or posting comes out a day or two late.

If you’re experiencing the half of life that is rainbows and puppies right now, be grateful.

If you’re in the “ass” half, be conscious of the contrast and learn what you can from the experience.

Remember…good or “bad,” to ask yourself “Why is this happening FOR me?”

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