It’s All In Your Head

It’s All In Your Head

It’s all in your head.


No matter what results you’re getting in your life—good or not so good—you can trace those results back to your thoughts.

Not getting the results you want in your job search?

In your career?

In your life?

It’s all in your head.

And that’s the good news.

Because you can change your thoughts.

You can’t change your circumstances, at least not right away.

But you can change your thoughts about those circumstances.

I heard a story recently; I don’t know if it’s true, but I love it and want to share it with you.

Two brothers were raised in a horribly abusive home. Constant physical and mental abuse of the most extreme kind.

One brother went on to become a serial killer.

The other brother went on to win a Nobel prize.

When asked, independent of one another, what had brought each of them to this place in their lives, they gave the exact same response.

“With the way I was raised, how could I have become anything else?” they each said.

Clearly, these two brothers had completely different thoughts about their upbringing.

The circumstances of their early lives were the same.

But their thoughts about those circumstances were vastly different.

If you’re not getting the results you want in your job search or career, let’s set up a time to talk.

We’ll do a “model” around the results you’re getting…and create a new thought you can begin practicing. A thought that will get you the results you’ve been wanting.

We’ll use Zoom for our call so I can share my screen with you. We’ll create your thought model together, and I’ll email it to you afterwards.

No cost. No obligation.

Sound too good to be true? That’s a thought in your head, and it’s completely optional.

Try this thought on instead: “Lesa is incredibly kind to want to help me in this way, and I’m going to take her up on her generous offer.”

I bet the second thought feels much better. So go for it.

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