The Job Interview: How to Wrap It Up

The Job Interview: How to Wrap It Up

I’ve written a lot about the job interview over the years.

How to answer THE toughest question.

How to prepare for behavioral questions.

Today, I want to talk about the three things you MUST do when closing out an interview.

  1. Thank the interviewer.

Shake his/her hand, make eye contact, smile, say “Thank you.” Pretty straightforward.

  1. Re-state your interest in the position (if applicable).

Make sure the interviewer knows you are still interested in the position as you are wrapping up the interview. Of course, don’t say this if you have decided this is definitely not a company you want to work for, or a position you’re willing to take.

Here’s an example of how this might sound: “Thank you so much for your time today. Now that I’ve learned more about COMPANY NAME and the role of JOB TITLE, I’m even more excited about this position. It seems as though my skills in X (or experience with Y) is exactly what you are looking for.”

  1. Determine the next step in the hiring process.

This is the step many people miss. As a result, they get out to the parking lot and realize they have no idea what to expect from this point forward.

The antidote: Ask! Here’s how this might sound (tack this on to the suggested verbiage in point #2): “Could you tell me what the next step in the hiring process is?”

I always like my clients to then offer to take an action relative to whatever the interviewer says. For example:

Interviewer: “We have several more interviews to conduct through the end of this week, then we’ll be inviting our top two candidates back for in-depth interviews the week after next.”

You: “Great. Would it be alright if I reach out to you on Monday to touch base?”

Here’s why I like you to take an action: It keeps you in motion and helps you feel more in control of your job search. It also can be highly effective in impressing the interviewer, showing just how interested you are in the position, and establishing another touch point with the interviewer.

Practice these three things until they become second nature to you, and you’ll always leave the interview on a positive note, armed with the knowledge you need to effectively manage your job prospects.

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