When Leaving isn’t Feasible…

They say parting is such sweet sorrow.

If you’re currently in a position you don’t love…or downright hate…you probably disagree with this statement.

But sometimes, the pain must continue.

Perhaps you’re near the finish line…retirement. There’s a lot of money on the line.

Perhaps you’ve just started this position, and don’t want to be viewed as a job-hopper.

Maybe you are moving in six months and want to hang in there until then.

Perhaps you’re obtaining additional education, a certification, or training that will better position you for the next step in your career. Maybe your company is even paying for it.

Or maybe you’re not mentally…emotionally…where you need to be to launch a job search.

Whatever your reason, you’re staying where you are…for the time being.

When clients complain to me about their job, I tell them they have only two choices: change their circumstances, or change their attitude.

You are not in a position to change your circumstances, so let’s change that attitude.

It’s all in your head.

But, you say, “My boss is an idiot!” “My co-workers are worthless!” “My salary sucks!” “The commute is unbearable!”

Here’s the headline: What’s making you miserable is not your job…it’s the thoughts you are having about your job.

The good news about this: because you’re the one making yourself miserable, you have complete control over whether you remain miserable or get over it.

Right now, you’re giving your power away to your business…or that nasty coworker or tyrannical boss. I want you to take your power back.

Let’s do this.

Easier said than done, you say? Here are five tips to make it happen:

Find the good. Instead of fixating on what’s wrong, look for what’s right. No position is completely black or white, so there have to be good aspects to your current position. Look for them, think about them, focus on them.

Think about what you’re thinking about. When you find yourself dwelling on the negative, be aware and gently shift your thinking to something more positive. Be sure not to beat yourself up for having the negative thought.

Shift your circumstances as much as you can. Can you take on a new responsibility, work in a different office, telecommute part of the time? Get creative to make your current position more manageable.

Take care of yourself. Often, unhappiness is accompanied by poor sleep, bad eating habits, and lack of exercise. Don’t neglect yourself!

Create momentum towards your next position. Having a goal, and making even micro-steps toward that goal on a daily basis, will lift your spirits considerably and help you see the “temporariness” of your current circumstances.

You can do this! Feel free to comment on other ways you can “survive” your current situation.

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