What is Your Resume’s Message?

Last week, we talked about the three primary messages you want your resume to convey to readers. Many people I speak with don’t understand this question…they say they want their resume to convey their education, the companies they’ve worked with, their previous job titles, etc.

Of COURSE their resume is going to include this information, but these aren’t messages. This information isn’t their brand.

Marketing Document or Data Sheet?

Perhaps you’ve taken a look at you resume after reading last week’s blog, and discovered that your resume is more of what I call a “data sheet” — it really only includes factual information.

What most resumes I see DON’T include is the candidate’s brand…those attributes that differentiate him or her from the competition.

If you haven’t pulled out your resume yet, now’s the time. Let’s take a hard look at your document.

The third question I ask prospective clients about their resume is this:

To what degree is your current resume effective in conveying those primary messages?

Step one is to determine what those messages should be; step two is to artfully include those messages into the fabric of your resume.

Both of these steps can be tedious and time-consuming, without an expert to partner with. That’s where a professional resume writer like me comes in.

Let me tell you a quick story: When I went through my resume certification, I had worked in college career services for more than two decades. I had written resumes for people over the years; I had written my own resume. Heck, I created all the resume-writing guides and materials for students at two universities.

I had no idea what I was doing until I completed the Academy Certified Resume Writer program.

Know Your Limitations

Here’s my point: Determining your brand and writing your resume aren’t skills most “laypeople” possess. And I consider it a mark of a true professional to know the boundaries of your skill set.

I also think it’s wise to use your time and energy on those activities that can yield exceptional results for you, rather than trying to slog through a process you neither enjoy or are any good at.

If you’d like to have a conversation about your resume, use this link to schedule a complimentary coaching session with me: https://www.timetrade.com/book/BBZ9M

## What You MUST Have for Success

In summary, to launch an effective job search, these elements MUST be present:

  • You MUST have a thorough understanding of your brand differentiators…you know how you are different from your competition, and why an employer should put you at the top of their hiring list
  • You MUST have a dynamic marketing document as your resume, rather than a static “data sheet” that only conveys the facts of your career to the reader
  • You MUST have a strategy for launching a targeted, proactive job search strategy that doesn’t rely on job boards

If you’re lacking in any of these three areas, please reach out to me!

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