Five Unusual Things to Be Thankful For

Five Unusual Things to Be Thankful For

Thanksgiving Should Be a Daily Occurrence.

I realize Thanksgiving’s over. But shouldn’t be we thankful every day?

I’m proposing an unusual gratitude list…those things that, at least in the moment, don’t seem to be blessings at all. Sometimes we gain perspective on them in hindsight, but in the moment…they suck.

Victim or Victor? You Decide.

Here’s what I believe to my core: Everything that happens in my life happens for me, not to me. Believing that things are happening to you places you in victim mode. “What did I do to deserve this?” you ask the Universe.

When you think of things as happening for you, you step out of victim mentality into a place where you can receive the benefits from your situation. You ask “What can I learn from this situation?”

You see, the circumstances of our lives are not negative or positive, and they don’t have control over our lives.

Did you catch that? Our Circumstances Don’t Control Us.

It’s All About Your Thoughts.

Rather, it’s the meaning we make out of those circumstances. It’s the thoughts we have about those circumstances.

This is great news! If our thoughts are responsible for the results we get, and we don’t like the results we’re getting…we have total control over changing our thoughts to get different results! Best. News. Ever.

Here is My Top 5 List of Unusual Things to Be Thankful For:

  1. Not Being where You Want to Be in Your Career. You’re not in the line of work you dreamed of; you’re not as high up the ladder as you expected. You Are Exactly Where You’re Supposed to Be. What has your career path taught you? How are you a better person because of your career path? Here’s the other side of this coin: It’s your career, so if you don’t like where it is, CHANGE IT.
  2. Not Winning That Whale. How could that idiot not choose your company? Well, the fact is, he/she didn’t. If you wallow around in victim mode, you’ll effectively shut that door forever. This is an opportunity for you to try harder, give more, be even more amazing than you already are. Exciting!
  3. Being Passed Over For Promotion. You’ve been there longer and had better results than your colleague who got the promotion. It’s not fair! Yes it is, because that promotion wasn’t yours. This is exciting, because something even better is on its way to you. Start chilling the champagne!
  4. Not Getting the Job. Oh, it looked good on paper. You were in heaven at the interview. But, for whatever reason, you were not chosen. Instead of feeling sorry for yourself, rejoice that an even better (for you) job is just around the corner! Woo Hoo!
  5. Getting Fired. Chances are, you really didn’t want to be in that position, anyway. Perhaps it was fear, or inertia, or a baseless belief that things would get better that kept you in that job long past its expiration date. You’re free; Way To Go!

What unusual things are you thankful for? Please leave a comment and let’s start a great conversation!

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