Don’t Let Fear Keep you from Finding your Life’s Purpose

Fear of Finding Your Life’s Purpose…Is it the Mastodon in the Room?

Don’t Let Fear Keep you from Finding your Life’s Purpose

Finding your life’s purpose…that’s what we’ve been talking about for a couple of weeks. I hope you’re doing the journaling exercises each week, as they are an excellent tool to move you forward in uncovering what you were put on this earth to do.

For those of you who have found your life’s purpose…congratulations! The world would be a pretty-near perfect place if everyone was engaged in the thing that makes their heart sing and brings them joy and fulfillment.

Last week, I talked about addressing your fears head-on. If you haven’t found your life’s purpose, it’s probably not for lack of looking, but rather fear holding you back. If you did the journaling exercises I suggested, I’m confident that you found your fears weren’t such a big deal after all.

Why Do We Have Fear, Anyway?

So today’s question is this: WHY do we have fear? Where does it come from, and what does it mean?

I read a quote recently that said “If you aren’t afraid, you’re not reaching high enough.”

Amen to that.

You heard correctly. I WANT you to have fears. I WANT you to welcome them. It’s all in what you DO with those fears once they rear their head.

Here’s what fear is: It’s your ego, or inner voice, or your gut…whatever you want to call it…trying to protect you.

Because here’s the thing: change is scary. Big change is big scary.

Fear Keeps You From Getting Eaten By a Mastodon

Fear initiates the “fight-or-flight” response. Think caveman coming up on a mastodon. His adrenaline starts pumping, and he has to decide whether to try to slay dinner for his family or run like hell.

When fear arises as it relates to your life’s purpose, you have the same two options: Slay that fear, or run like hell. I encourage you to choose the former.

So when a fear rises up, acknowledge it, thank it for trying to protect you, and move forward with confidence. Here’s a sample response you could give to your fear: “Thank you so much for worrying about whether I’ll make enough money to live. I’m confident that, by doing what I’m put on this earth to do, I’ll make enough money to live comfortably. Also, I’ll be so much happier and fulfilled.”

Here are this week’s journaling questions. As you journal your answers to these questions, pay attention to any fears that rear up, and try acknowledging them for trying to protect you

  1. What did you always want to be or do when you grew up?
  2. What are you uniquely designed and prepared to do?
  3. List the things to which you’re consistently drawn. What about them draws you?

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