What Isn’t Working in Job Searches These Days

What Isn’t Working in Job Searches These Days

If Your Job Search Strategy Doesn’t Work, Make Changes

We’ve reached the end of the blogs based on research I conducted in the summer of 2015. In this last blog, I share what tools and resources unsuccessful job seekers were using. By knowing what doesn’t work, hopefully it gives you clarity around what does.

When I asked the unsuccessful job seekers what resources they were using, I discovered a marked difference between their responses and those of the successful job seekers. Whereas as the successful job seekers focused on networking, the unsuccessful job seekers spoke about utilizing job boards and company websites. Although a few people mentioned networking, one person said “minimal networking,” and others who mentioned it didn’t place emphasis on it.

This information really served to reinforce what the successful job seekers said: Job boards don’t work. The successful job seekers figured this out and adjusted their strategy; the unsuccessful job seekers either didn’t figure this out, or figured it out but kept doing the same thing anyway.

Why Would These Job Seekers Continue With Unsuccessful Strategies?

Why continue with a strategy that clearly isn’t working? Because they don’t know what else to do. One of the primary things I teach in my Job Search Success Program is how to plan and launch a targeted, proactive job search strategy that doesn’t depend on job boards. Sure, many people keep job boards in the mix, and I see no harm in that. It’s when job boards are the primary job search tool you’re using that I see a problem.

## Best practices tip #9:

One of the steps in my Job Search Success Program is for the job seeker to identify 4-5 job search strategies he/she will use, along with 2-3 action steps for each of those strategies. This allows the job seeker to combine traditional, passive strategies with contemporary, active strategies to increase their chances for success.

Best practices top #10:

Time management and organization is key in the job search, and one aspect of this is WHEN you do various activities. By scheduling your job board time for, say, 10:00 p.m., you’re not interfering with the daytime hours available for face-to-face and phone networking strategies.

We have come to the end of the blogs on my research from the summer of 2015. I hope this information has opened your eyes to what is, and isn’t working in today’s job search, as well as given you some tools, strategies, and perspective on how to launch an effective job search.

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