What’s Working for Job Seekers…and What Isn’t

What’s Working for Job Seekers…and What Isn’t

Research on Today’s Job Market As an Academy Certified Resume Writer and Certified Job Search Strategist, it is important for me to keep my finger on the pulse of the job market so I can help my job seekers. There are many printed resources out there that could provide me with this information, but I wanted to conduct my own research. During the summer of 2015, I attempted to contact 141 clients, and I was able to speak with 78 of them.

The next several blogs I write will be about my findings. My reason for sharing this information with you: Clients were quick to tell me what had worked for them, and what hadn’t. They shared their successes, failures, and frustrations with me in rich detail (for which I am extremely grateful).

I won’t be mentioning any specifics about these clients; many were concerned about confidentiality. When I give any details in these blogs, it will not be specific enough to divulge the identity of the client.

There’s a Reason I Conducted this Research

So why did I conduct this research?

–To reach out to clients I hadn’t spoken to in some time.

–To hear first-hand how their job search efforts have gone.

–To determine whether my services were helpful to them, as well as listen for ways I might be able to further assist my clients.

–To glean insights (and confirmation of what I was already telling my clients) as to what was really going on in the job market today.

## How I Divided and Conquered

By first viewing each client’s LinkedIn profile, I was able to divide my clients into three groups:

–Those who had changed jobs and companies since I worked with them.

–Those who had not changed companies since I worked with them (some had changed jobs within that company)

–Those who weren’t a good fit for my research because they were now self-employed or working in government, non-profits, or education (I wanted to focus my research on jobs in the for-profit sector).

## What Did I Want to Know?

Here are the questions I asked those who had changed jobs and companies:

–What was the biggest difference between your most recent job search and other job searches you’ve conducted earlier in your career?

–What was the most successful tool or resource you utilized in your job search?

–What one piece of advice would you give other job seekers?

For those who had not changed companies, I asked them these questions:

–Are you still actively job seeking?

–If YES, what tools and resources are you utilizing in your job search?

–If NO, what is the primary reason you are no longer job searching?

–What one piece of advice would you give other job seekers?

I hope I’ve piqued your interest in what these job seekers had to say. Stay tuned for my findings…

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