Utilizing LinkedIn’s Endorsements and Recommendations in Your Job Search

lizing LinkedIn’s Endorsements and Recommendations in Your Job Search

As you “ramp up” your LinkedIn profile to make a positive impression on potential employers, remember to build an Endorsements section that accurately represents the skill set you want to convey to those potential employers. Your skills should be on-brand, not confusing, and not duplicated.

What do I mean? There may be a skill that you’re really good at, that you have used heavily in the past, but that you no longer wish to use in your professional life. Don’t list it! Also, two or more skills that are very similar can be confusing to those who would like to endorse you, and may serve to dilute the impact of any one skill. Here’s an example:

  • Marketing

Brand Marketing

  • Sales & Marketing

Can you see how this would confuse potential endorsers, as well as potential employers?

The best way to get your connections to endorse you is to endorse them. I set aside some time each month to endorse my existing connections.

Recommendations are written references about you, and it takes more effort for someone to do this. Consequently, it holds greater weight. Some people will voluntarily write recommendations for you, but it’s also perfectly acceptable to ask certain people to write for you. LinkedIn recommends that you have a minimum of three recommendations, and they make it easy for you to request them. Here are the steps:

  • –Go to Privacy & Settings

  • –Click on Profile

  • –Click on Manage your Recommendations

Be strategic about the people you ask to write recommendations for you. These should be people who know you well and who will address different aspects of your brand, yet be consistent. What do I mean by this? Perhaps you want one recommender to talk about your record of building and mentoring high-performing sales teams, another to speak of your presentation skills, and another to speak of your outstanding sales performance. Be sure to ask these individuals to write about these things—they will appreciate the guidance. While each is covering a different aspect of you, you want these recommendations to be consistent in speaking about your qualities—contradictory information will only confuse the reader.

You should also be writing recommendations for others; this extends your brand to those individuals’ profiles. Your name, picture, and tagline will be on the profiles of each person you write a recommendation for.

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