Using Job Boards in the Job Search

Using Job Boards in the Job Search

Where Do Job Boards Fit into your Job Search?

We’ve been talking about the research I conducted in the summer of 2015 into what did, and didn’t, work for job seekers. Specifically, the question, “What was the most successful tool or resource you utilized in your job search?”

In addition to networking, Linkedin (as a networking tool), and me as a resume writer and coach, 12% of respondents found job boards as their most useful tool. This is in direct opposition to many respondents who expressed frustration with job boards. Sites mentioned included The Ladders, Indeed, Startwire, Blue Steps, Monster, Careerbuilder, HotJobs, and Glassdoor. Another 4% of respondents utilized association job boards to look for job postings.

## Best practices tip #5:

Clearly, some people are finding success with job boards, so I recommend including them as one of your job search strategies. The mistake for many people, however, is making job boards their only—or most prominent—job search strategy. Here’s the beauty of online job searching: you can do it at 10:00 at night, when you probably can’t make phone calls or have in-person meetings.

Another theme in answering this question was in the preparation they did for the job search and interview processes. Some responses to “What was the most useful tool or resources you utilized in your job search?” included “understanding the job description and knowing yourself so you can customize application materials to the specific position,” “having outstanding references,” “receiving training on behavioral interviewing,” “conducting extensive research on the company prior to the interview,” and “preparing a strong elevator pitch.”

## Best practices tip #6:

Preparation for the interview is key to getting the job. No matter how knowledgeable you are about your field, if you don’t understand the company you’re interviewing for, aren’t able to articulate your brand differentiators effectively, and haven’t given thought to why you are the best candidate for the position, you will not shine in the interview.

Along this vein, 4% of respondents indicated that having a strong track record of performance was critical to their job search success, and one person indicated her sunny disposition and personality allowed her to naturally connect with the interviewers.

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