Networking Your Way to Your Ideal Job

Networking Your Way to Your Ideal Job

A targeted, proactive job search MUST include networking.

I’m not suggesting that you eliminate looking at job boards and company websites. Here’s the payoff of networking: as part of a targeted, proactive job search: You are in the driver’s seat with your job search, YOU find the companies you want to work for; YOU gain access to the decision maker; YOU establish a connection with that hiring manager and meet about the value you would bring to his/her organization.

Avoid the competition.

Think about it this way: the networking you engage in to get to one decision maker has a much greater potential for return than spending an equal amount of time applying to positions online. Why? Because in my scenario, YOU ARE THE ONLY APPLICANT. You are meeting with a decision maker to determine if there is a fit and mutual interest, and if so…you’re applicant number one of one. No competition.

With online job postings, millions of people are seeing the same positions you are. People who aren’t even actively job seeking will put in their application if something looks interesting. And then there’s that pesky “internal candidate” who often gets that job you really, really wanted.

It’s about the value you bring.

Still don’t think this works? Have you ever made a rather large purchase you weren’t planning on? It was probably because someone presented that item to you in such a way that you saw the benefits, decided your life would be better with it, and you bought.

Jim Collins, of “Good to Great,” calls it getting the right people on the bus. If you’re the right person, that hiring manager will find a way to get you on the bus.

There’s no job fairy godmother.

Maybe this seems cumbersome to you, and I will concede that there is a log of leg work involved up front. But let me use an analogy here…in what other area of your life do you sit at home, quite possibly in your jammies, and wait for your dream to show up at the front door? We don’t purchase houses or cars this way…we go out and actively seek the one that’s perfect for us. We don’t select a mate this way…even if we are on, we eventually LEAVE the house to go on a date. Yet, we expect to find our dream job in this passive manner.

Here’s to you finding your dream job by engaging in a targeted, proactive job search with lots of networking.

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