Job Search Tools – What’s Most Successful?

Job Search Tools – What’s Most Successful?

Changes in the Job Search Landscape Require Changes to your Job Search Strategy

In the research I conducted throughout the summer of 2015, I asked people who had changed jobs and companies “What was the biggest difference between this job search and others you’ve conducted earlier in your career?”

In the last blog, I talked about the frequency with which the word NETWORKING came up; I also talked about respondents’ frustration with the “black hole” of online portals and electronic job boards.

First-Time Job Searchers

Another theme that emerged in response to this question was that several respondents actually had to conduct a bona fide job search for the first time in their career. Several respondents said that, in the past, they had been contacted by a headhunter and a resume and formal interview hadn’t been necessary. Needless to say, there was a significant learning curve for these individuals in terms of having competitive marketing materials and an effective interview strategy.

There was one more theme around preparing for the job search and the interview. Several respondents indicated they were more strategic and targeted in their efforts this time, and many said that a professionally written resume and cover letter had been extremely important to their success.


Best practices tip #3:

Even if you have been in the workforce for decades, you may want to enlist the help of a coach to help you brush up on your job search and interviewing skills. Also, hiring a certified resume writer will increase the likelihood that your written documents will be competitive with those of other candidates.

Additional comments I heard from multiple respondents:

–The search took longer than expected

  • –Utilized their university career services

–Employers are being very picky because they can afford to be

  • –First time ever conducting a video interview

Most Successful Strategies

The next question I asked those who had changed jobs and companies was “What was the most successful tool or resource you utilized in your job search?” 40% of the respondents answered that it was networking.

The second biggest response was LinkedIn, with 26% of respondents indicating they utilized this tool as a primary resource. Most indicated that they used LinkedIn as a networking tool, rather than to look for job postings. Clearly, LinkedIn was respondents’ primary networking tool.

A little self-promotion: 12% of respondents said that the most successful tool or resource was me. My resume writing and coaching services were praised. I promise I didn’t prompt them to say this!

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