Don’t Let Fear Keep You From Your Life’s Purpose

Don’t Let Fear Keep You From Your Life’s Purpose

Finding Your Life’s Purpose

We’re on the topic of your life’s purpose…your passion…finding what you were put on this earth for.

Let’s talk about the role of fear in finding your life’s purpose. Trying to overcome or ignore your fears will not work, nor will assuming you don’t have any fears.

Trust me, if you’re not the least bit afraid of finding your life’s purpose, then you’re either in denial or you’ve already found it (and, if you have, you would know with absolute certainty).

Tim Kelley, in his book True Purpose, provides three options for overcoming your fears. I’m going to talk about the method I chose, “worst-case scenarios.”


Face Your Fears

Here’s the essence of this exercise: I looked at each fear in terms of the worst possible thing it could lead to.

Here were some of my fears about finding my life’s purpose:

-It might require me to move

-It might require me to really step outside of my comfort zone

-It might require more money that I had

-I might have to give up some of my freedom and flexibility

“So What if that Happened?”

So I took each of my fears and asked the question, “So what if that happened?” Repeatedly, until there were no more possibilities, or I began repeating myself.

My fear of stepping outside of my comfort zone, for example, led me to the possibility that finding my life’s purpose might cause my health to deteriorate. (Trust me, it was a possibility.) I journaled that I was not willing for that to happen, and I would stop seeking my life’s purpose when my health began deteriorating.

But here was my insight: I realized I didn’t believe finding my purpose in life would result in my health deteriorating-I just don’t think that’s how the world works. Brilliant!

What I found through this exercise is that most of my fears, when followed through to the end, weren’t all that bad. So I thought to myself, “I can handle this.” Other fears DID have a stopping point for me. But here’s the thing: by allowing myself to say “this is where I stop,” I was in essence giving myself permission to face that fear.

Here’s your journaling exercise for the week:

  • –List your fears in finding your life’s purpose. All of them.

–Write each fear on a separate sheet of paper, and ask “So what if that happened?” Keep asking until you can’t go any further.

–What do you see? What did you learn about yourself through this exercise? Journal this, as well.

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