Are You Playing Hide-and-Go-Seek with Your Life’s Purpose?

Are You Playing Hide-and-Go-Seek with Your Life’s Purpose?

I talked about finding your passion in my last blog, and I wanted to go even deeper into finding your life’s purpose.

One of the things clients come to me for is to figure out their purpose, professionally speaking. I like to think of it as “figuring out what they want to be when they grow up.”

Now mind you, my typical client is in his or her 40’s or 50’s. If you’re thinking “why haven’t they already figured this out?”, there are lots of people in this boat. Some people never figure it out.

Pursuing Your Passion

Here’s what I’ve come to believe: far too few people are truly pursuing their passion. They have divorced their career from those things that truly bring them joy.

Oftentimes, the desire for ever-greater earnings has moved these people farther and farther away from their life’s purpose.

So what does “life purpose” mean? Eckhart Tolle, in his book A New Earth, says that everyone’s purpose is to bring the power of presence into the world.

Tim Kelley, in his book True Purpose, states that you have an individual purpose, unique to you, and that you already know what it is…or at least some part of you knows what it is. He further states that the question of purpose is about what you are designed to do, what you’re meant to do, not what you like or dislike doing. (I highly recommend this book and have prescribed it to several clients.)

How do you know if you have found your purpose?

Let’s talk about what it looks like when you haven’t. You’ll run into constant obstacles—far beyond the normal “quota” you would expect to face. Your energy lags, and you aren’t satisfied by your accomplishments (or at least not for very long). You long for greener pastures.

When you are doing things in alignment with your purpose, you experience “serendipity” or “synchronicity,” with passion and wonderful “coincidences” seemingly cropping up everywhere.

So let’s get started journaling a couple of “flow” experiences—times where you’ve felt the most passionate…where your life has had the most meaning. Maslow would call it Self-Actualization—when all is right with the world, even if for just a brief moment in time. (Self-actualization, according to Maslow, represents growth of an individual toward fulfillment of the highest needs; those for meaning in life, in particular. )

Choose 2-3 of these questions from True Purpose to answer. It’s best not to use universally moving experiences such as the birth of a child, as they won’t give you much information about your unique purpose.

  1. List times when you’ve felt the most passionate. What are the common themes?
  2. List times when you’ve felt the most fulfilled. What are the common themes?
  3. List times when you feel your life has had the most meaning. What are the common themes?
  4. List times when you’ve felt most aligned. What are the common themes?
  5. List times when you’ve experienced ease, flow, synchronicity, and serendipity? What are the common themes?

Enjoy your journaling experience! I promise—it really works. Stay tuned for more purpose-finding…

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