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196: Are You Ready to Downshift Your Career? How to Make a Successful Transition (with Mark Danaher)

09/22/2021 Career Management

Are You Ready to Downshift Your Career? How to Make a Successful Transition (with Mark Danaher)

My guest this week is Mark Danaher, founder of Mark Danaher Training and Coaching. Mark and I discuss the seismic shift in people’s work because of the pandemic – especially the large number of people who are rethinking their career direction.

Mark gives us the signs that you may be ready to make a career shift, as well as strategies to help you make that shift.

Mark helps professionals make a career change from work they hate to the work they will love. Mark has been a career counselor and coach for over 25 years, helping professionals connect the dots to reduce stress, regain balance, and thrive in their life and career.

Mark is offering a free e-book, “How to Make a Career Change in Seven Simple Steps: Seven Lunchtime Activities to Get You in Action and Moving Forward.” Find it at

Are you in the wrong job that chips away at you every day? The CareerSpring document and coaching program will help you find a job that uses your zone of genius, recognizes your value, and pays you what you’re worth.

If you’re ready to take your job search to the next level by working with a highly experienced professional with a track record of client success, schedule a complimentary consult to learn more:

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192: What's REALLY Going On With the Job Market

08/25/2021 Job Search
We’re hearing a lot about “The Great Resignation” of 2021 and the volatile job market. I wanted to personally do a deep dive on this topic, and decided to share what I uncovered with you.

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08/04/2021 LinkedIn
Today, I’m talking about 3 areas of your LinkedIn profile that are often overlooked – and that can have an outsized effect on your results if done correctly.

188: Is Your Work Environment REALLY Toxic? How to Know and What to Do

07/28/2021 Career Management
Today, I want to drill down on what actually constitutes a toxic work environment and what to do if you are in one. I also want to talk about what isn’t a toxic work environment and how to manage these situations.

187: How to Promote Yourself as a Subject Matter Expert on LinkedIn

07/21/2021 LinkedIn
Today, I want to drill down on ways to promote yourself as a SME on LinkedIn.

186: 9 High-Impact Ways to Take Responsibility for Your Own Success (with Ed Evarts)

07/13/2021 Career Management
Today my guest is Ed Evarts, author of “Driving Your Career.” We talk about ways to take responsibility for your own career success.

185: Borrowing from Brene Brown's FFTs to Reframe Your Job Situation

07/07/2021 Career Management
Brené talks about FFTs in the framework of doing something new. Of challenging ourselves…of evolving to the next level in our development as a human. Which got me thinking…what do FFTs look like in the framework of our jobs? When we are given a new task…asked to work in a new way…learn a new skill?

184: 7 Rules for Women Who Want to Make More Money (with Laura Browne)

06/30/2021 Career Management
Men and women approach salary issues very differently, and Laura and I dive into these differences and how women can ask for what they want. Laura provides us with some of her best tips for asking for a raise and negotiating a salary and compensation package.

183: Closing the Job Interview and Following Up

06/23/2021 Interviewing
This week, I want to talk about how to wrap up a job interview and what you’ll want to do after the interview to increase your chances of getting the job.

182: Are You Undermining Your Relationships with Co-Workers? (with Carson Tate)

06/16/2021 Career Management
Today, my guest is Carson Tate of, and we’re talking about our work relationships.

181: Conquering COVID-Related Fatigue (with Jane Springer)

06/09/2021 Life Coaching
Whether we are dealing with returning to work, navigating a return to normal with our significant others or children, or rethinking our career path, many of use are still dealing with COVID-related fatigue.

180: If You Want to Lead Others, Lead Yourself First (with Heather Younger)

06/02/2021 Leadership
Today, my guest is Heather Younger, author of The Art of Caring Leadership. Heather and I talk about the six areas of self-leadership from her book and why it is so important to lead yourself before you can effectively lead others.

179: Seven Strategies for Jumpstarting Your Networking

05/26/2021 Networking
Today’s podcast will be strategies that you may not have thought of to either jumpstart your networking, or to take what you are already doing to the next level.

178: Sorry Not Sorry! How to stop apologizing at work and adopt a leadership communication style (with Jen Ngozi)

05/19/2021 Leadership
My guest today is Jen Ngozi, founder of NetWerk®. We are talking about how to stop apologizing for everything at work and communicate like the leader you are.

177: Overcoming Your Fear of Networking

05/12/2021 Networking
Many people are afraid of networking. Here are strategies for overcoming the fear of one-on-one and group networking.

176: How to REALLY Prepare for the Job Interview

05/05/2021 Interviewing
I have done plenty of episodes on how to answer various types of interview questions. What I want to touch on today is everything else surrounding the job interview.

175: How to Articulate Your Brand on Your Resume

04/28/2021 Resumes
The problem with most people’s attempt at branding is that it is generic and non-differentiating. Here's how to create a high-impact brand for your resume.

174: Developing Your Job Descriptions & Achievement Bullets for Your Resume

04/21/2021 Resumes
If you have written your own resume, it is probably what I call a "data sheet" - a listing of places and dates of employment, coupled with a bulleted laundry list of job duties. What you need is a marketing document that sells you.

173: Making Sure Your Resume Gets Through the Applicant Tracking System (ATS)

04/14/2021 Resumes
If you have applied to a company’s website or uploaded your resume to Indeed or LinkedIn, you’ve used an ATS. I'll talk about how ATS work, how to navigate them, and how to satisfy both the computer AND the humans.

172: Four Times When You Need a Mentor

04/07/2021 Career Management
In this episode, we talk about why you want a mentor, four times when it is particularly important to have a mentor, and the benefits of being a mentor.

171: How to Have a Successful 1:1 With Your Boss

03/31/2021 Career Management
In a perfect world, 1:1 meetings with your boss should be something you have regularly, and actually look forward to.  While the ultimate responsibility for making 1:1 meetings great falls on your manager, there are things you can do to improve your 1:1s.

170: Networking Secrets for Job Seekers (with Mac Prichard)

03/24/2021 Networking
Today, we’re talking about networking secrets for job seekers.

169: Questions to Ask Your Manager to Improve Your Relationship

03/17/2021 Career Management
Whether you are trying to improve your relationship with your manager from bad to okay, okay to good, or good to great, you can work with your manager to improve your relationship and make work much more enjoyable for both of you. Here are questions you can ask your manager to improve your relationship and better manage up:

168: Three Clues From Your Past That Can Help You Uncover Your Dream Career (with Laura Berman Fortgang)

03/10/2021 Career Decisions
Today, my guest is Laura Berman Fortgang, and we are discussing three clues you can look at from your past to help you find the career you are meant to be in.

167: Add These Three Things to Your Job Search to Dramatically Change Your Results

03/03/2021 Job Search
There are three things I want you to consider adding to your job search, especially if you aren’t getting the results you were expecting.

166: Moving into the Executive Ranks (with Jawad Ahsan)

02/24/2021 Career Management
My guest today is Jawad Ahsan, CFO of Axon. We are talking about how to move into the executive ranks.

165: 12 Best Strategies for Networking on LinkedIn

02/17/2021 LinkedIn
Today, we are drilling down on 12 specific action steps you can take to improve your networking results with LinkedIn.

164: Why the COVID Challenge is your Greatest Opportunity (with Fawn Germer)

02/10/2021 Career Management
My guest for today’s episode is Fawn Germer, and we’re talking about why the pandemic offers a tremendous opportunity for those of us willing to step up to the plate.

163: Ten Resources you Should be Tapping for your Job Search

02/03/2021 Job Search
I’m finding a lot of my clients are missing some pretty amazing resources in looking for their next job, so I wanted to spend this episode going over 10 of these resources.

162: How to do Unemployment Better than you Think you Can (with Adriel Lubarsky)

01/31/2021 Career Management
This week's guest is Adriel Lubarsky of - an online community for job seekers. We talk about how to make the most of your unemployment, both personally and professionally.

161: Interviewing Clinic for the Pandemic

01/20/2021 Interviewing
Today, I’ll give you 5 action steps for interviewing in the pandemic. If you are happily employed right now, you can still get valuable takeaways from these clinics.

160: LinkedIn Clinic for the Pandemic

01/13/2021 LinkedIn
It’s important to understand that recruiters live on LI and they will see your profile before your resume. LI should NOT be an after thought or cut-and-paste of your resume.

159: Resume Clinic for the Pandemic

01/06/2021 Resumes
Here are my 5 action steps specifically for those of you who are DIY’ing your resume.

158: Career Things to Contemplate During the Holidays

12/16/2020 Career Management
This week's podcast focuses on things to contemplate about your career during the holidays, whether you are currently employed or unemployed.

157: Overcoming an Employment Gap

12/09/2020 Career Management
I want to talk about overcoming an employment gap from an internal, and external, perspective. Internal = what you are thinking; External = what you are doing.

156: Managing - and Being Managed - Remotely (Interview with Bruce Tulgan)

12/02/2020 Career Management
This week, I am speaking with Bruce Tulgan about the unique challenges of managing, and being managed, remotely. With so many companies working from home at least part of the time, this is a particularly relevant topic.

155: Annual List of 5 Unusual Things to Be Thankful For

11/25/2020 Other
For several years now, I have blogged and/or podcasted a list of 5 unusual things to be thankful for each year at Thanksgiving time. Here’s my 2020 list.

154: 5 Ways Mind Drama Can Creep into your Job Search (with Jane Springer)

This week, I speak with life coach Jane Springer on the types of mind drama I am hearing from clients related to the current job market, their qualifications, themselves as human beings, their job search strategy, and their career focus.

153: Planning for a Job Search in the New Year - What You Must Do Now

11/11/2020 Job Search
Many of you have been job searching this year and will be continuing your job search into 2021. Here are the 11 steps you should be taking before the end of 2020 so that you are at that starting line by mid-January.Others of you will start a job search in the new year.

152: Special Considerations for Zoom and Phone Job Interviews

11/04/2020 Interviewing
I’ve given you tons of content around interviewing; today’s podcast is about the special considerations surrounding Zoom and phone interviews.

151: Following Up After the Job Interview

10/28/2020 Interviewing
Today I'm covering what you should do at the close of a job interview, within 24 hours afterward, and on-going.

150: Putting a Bow on Your Behavioral Interview Answers

10/21/2020 Interviewing
We’re talking today about behavioral interviews. Those interview questions that begin with “Tell me about a time when…” or “Describe a situation that…”

149: Salary Negotiations - 3 Important Numbers

10/14/2020 Interviewing
I coach my clients on walking into the salary negotiation process with 3 numbers decided.

148: How to Be Indispensable at Work (Interview with Bruce Tulgan)

10/07/2020 Career Management
Today’s guest is Bruce Tulgan of Rainmaker Thinking. Today we talk about how to be indispensable at work.

147: What to do When Recruiters Ghost You

09/30/2020 Job Search
This episode covers several reasons a recruiter might ghost you...and what you can do to minimize the chances of being ghosted.

146: It's Not Your Resume...It's You

09/23/2020 Job Search
In consults with prospective clients, I ask them if they are currently in a job search or just at the starting blocks. If they tell me they have been job searching, I ask them for certain metrics: This information is invaluable because it gives me tremendous insight into where their problems might lie. This information is invaluable because it gives me tremendous insight into where their problems might lie.

145: How to Fail at Networking

09/16/2020 Networking
Here’s what many people do wrong in networking…and how you can avoid these traps.

144: How to Prepare for Your First Meeting with Your New Boss

09/09/2020 Career Management
If your new employer doesn't have a structured plan for your first meeting with your new boss (or new employee), here is a great structure you can borrow.

143: How to Handle Tough Career Conversations (Interview with AmyK Hutchens)

09/02/2020 Career Management
Today’s guest is AmyK Hutchens, and we’re talking about “How to Handle Tough Career Conversation.” AmyK covers how to handle three particularly challenging career conversations.

142: Five Tips for Using LinkedIn in a Discreet Job Search

08/26/2020 Job Search
Sometimes, you are free to shout your professional availability from the roof top. Other times, your job search needs to be covert, because you don’t want your current employer finding out what you’re up to. Here are five tips for utilizing LinkedIn for a discreet job search.

141: ARFO in the Time of COVID

A few years ago, I conducted research of past clients to find out what was, and wasn’t, working for them in terms of their job search. As a result of that research, I coined the term “ARFO” – Always Ready for Opportunity.

140: Transferable Skills (Interview with Jeanne Bohen)

Today’s guest is Jeanne Bohen, and we’re discussing transferable skills. We discuss what transferable skills are, why they are so important, and a process you can go through to identify your transferable skills.

139: How to Have Difficult Conversations at Work

08/05/2020 Career Management
Let’s talk about how you can have difficult work conversations in a way that doesn’t leave one or both parties feeling like you’ve been run over and left for road kill.

138: Skills and Values Employers are Looking For"

07/29/2020 Career Management
I came across an article on LiveCareer entitled “14 Skills and Values Employers Seek in Jobseekers,” and I wanted to share it with you.

137: Five Quick Ways to Get Branded as Unprofessional

07/22/2020 Career Management
Here are my top five ways to quickly become branded as “unprofessional.”

136: What are you Lacking as a Job Candidate?

07/15/2020 Job Search
Lee Hecht Harrison surveyed 277 human resource managers to find out what was missing from the job candidates they receive application materials from. The prompt was: “Please rate how detrimental you believe each of the following issues is to a candidate’s chances of being selected for an interview.”

135: Managing Your Boss's Expectations About Your Job Duties

07/08/2020 Career Management
When the boss puts a new responsibility on your plate, here are the factors you need to consider.

134: Returning to the Office - Challenges and Strategies

07/01/2020 Career Management
Those of you who were fortunate to keep your jobs during quarantine may have already returned to work or will be returning soon. You may feel a lot of uncertainty around that, like who still works there? How have my co-workers been affected by quarantine? How will the company be different?

133: Is Now the Perfect Time to Reinvent your Career?

A career reinvention, is essentially starting over – and using your transferable skills in a new job function and a new industry.

132: How to Answer Interview Questions Related to COVID and Quarantine

06/17/2020 Interviewing
I am speaking to those of you who will be interviewing for jobs, where questions about why you were let go during COVID, or how you spent your time during COVID, might well be asked.

131: Persistence Strategies for your COVID Job Search

06/10/2020 Job Search
For many of these clients and, I suspect, many of you – you are fighting feelings of despair and frustration as you look for a job right now. What I want to offer you today are some persistence strategies to keep you going in the midst of the most challenging job search environment in, maybe, ever.

130: What Job Seekers Need to Know About Executive Recruiting (Interview with George McGehrin)

06/03/2020 Job Search
This week, I speak with George McGehrin, Founder of The McGehrin Group. George’s firm conducts executive search at the C-level throughout the US, Europe, and South America.

129: Is Your Resume Job Search Ready?

05/27/2020 Resumes
Here are five top tips to make sure your resume is job search ready.

128: Launching Your Creative Career (Interview with Chris Lyons)

05/20/2020 Job Search
Applying for a creative job is different from filling out an application and uploading your GPA and resume. Depending on the discipline you are interested in, you need to demonstrate - through your portfolio - your understanding of their business, your abilities to solve problems using your creativity, and to tell compelling stories about your work through the lens of the audience you've targeted with the work.

127: Managing an Uncertain Future

05/13/2020 Life Coaching
Here’s the first thing I want to say about the uncertainty of our future in the face of COVID19: The future has ALWAYS been uncertain.

126: Laid off 5 Times by Age 30 (Interview with Lorraine Rise)

05/06/2020 Job Search
Today’s guest is Lorraine Rise, and she’s speaking with me about being “Laid off Three Times by Age 30.” In this time when so many have lost their jobs due to COVID, Lorraine’s topic is both timely and inspirational.

125: Making it Through a Job Search Unscathed

04/29/2020 Job Search
Here’s what is optional during a job search: *Beating. Yourself. Up.* Making that rejection notice…that non-response…mean something about you as a human being. As an employee. As a valuable contributor to the world.

124: Navigating Your Social Impact Job Search (interview with Katie Secrist)

04/22/2020 Job Search
In honor of Earth Day 2020, today’s podcast guest is Katie Secrist, the Director of Strategic Partnerships at Sustainable Business Consulting.

123: Creative Networking Strategies for Virus Jail

04/15/2020 Networking
Today, I want to talk about creative networking strategies in the era of Virus Jail. When in- person networking events are literally against the law for many of us.

122: Is Now the Perfect Time for a Side Hustle?

04/08/2020 Job Search
If you want to earn some extra money during the months of Virus Jail, here are some steps.

121: Career Pivots and Reinvention

04/01/2020 Career Management
Well, here we are in what I’m calling Virus Jail. For those of you who were job searching when this all began, or those of you who will be job searching as a direct result of Virus Jail, you have some unprecedented challenges ahead. Unprecedented, but not insurmountable.

120: Thriving Through Inevitable Career Lows (Interview with Angela Civitella)

03/26/2020 Career Management
Interview with Angela Civitella.

Bonus: Job Searching in Virus Jail

03/22/2020 Job Search
This is a bonus episode to help those of you in job search mode during the Coronavirus pandemic.

119: Are You Squarely in the Center of Your Passion?

03/18/2020 Career Decisions
Those of us who have aligned our passion with our work are excited and energized to get up in the morning, because our work is a reflection of who we are. What we were put on this earth to do.

118: How Does Your Persistence Measure Up?

03/11/2020 Career Management
Whether you are persisting through rejections in the job search process to get to your dream job, persisting through the steps necessary to launch your own business, or persisting through the many demands on your money to save for that trip-of-a-lifetime…the common denominator is persistence.

117: How to On-Board Successfully as a Leader

03/04/2020 Leadership
Determining the organization’s culture (and/or the sub-culture of your specific department or business unit) is key to knowing how to approach your leadership role from day one

116: Managing Your Mind at Work

This week, I want to talk about one of my favorite subjects, “Managing Your Mind to Advance Your Career.” I created this program because so many trainings focus on the *doing* part of managing your career, and I wanted to focus on the *thinking* part.

115: Leveraging Personality Differences in the Workplace

02/19/2020 Career Management
This week, I’m talking about the MBTI, and how to leverage personality differences in the workplace.

114: Effective Communication at Work

02/12/2020 Career Management
Last week’s episode was on Active Listening, so today I’ll cover Effective Communication. There are four steps to the communication process; at any point in that process something can go wrong.

113: Active Listening at Work

02/05/2020 Career Management
This week and next, I want to share some of the concepts from my program, "What Did You Just Say?". Today, I’m focusing on Active Listening; next week, I’ll cover Effective Communication.

112: My Journey, and What it Teaches You

01/29/2020 Life Coaching
I’ve been thinking a lot about my journey lately. Also, with the new year and new decade, it seems like a good time to reflect. I’m hoping to pull back the curtain in this episode.

111: How to Hack the Hidden Job Market (with Mac Prichard)

01/22/2020 Job Search
This week’s guest is Mac Prichard, speaking with me about How to Hack the Hidden Job Market. 80% of all jobs are never publicly advertised, but there are ways to access this treasure trove of work opportunities.

110: When to Tell Your Boss You're Looking for a New Job

01/15/2020 Job Search
In today’s episode, I want to talk about **when** to tell your boss you’re looking for a new job. This topic came from one of my clients, who reached out to ask me this question. There’s isn’t a simple answer, so I want to lay out the considerations for you.

109: Planning for a Successful 2020

01/08/2020 Life Coaching
I want to approach goal setting from a different angle. Rather than talking about setting goals, let’s talk about what you need to be DOING in 2020 so that, when you look back on the year, you will consider it a resounding success. We’ll also talk about the THINKING aspect of planning for a successful 2020, because what you are thinking will have a direct impact on what you are doing.

108: Are You Buffering Instead of Looking For Your Dream Job? (with Jane Springer)

This week’s podcast features guest life coach, Jane Springer. We’re talking about buffering – that is, the things you do when you should be looking for a new job.

107: "Why Should I Hire You?" How to Answer This Tough Question

12/11/2019 Interviewing
One of the things I coach my clients on around the job interview is how to answer the question, “Why should I hire you?” I want to offer five different approaches to answering this interview question.

106: Six Simple Resume Tips for Recent College Grads

12/04/2019 Resumes
There are enough books, articles, and blogs on resume writing out there to fill the Empire State Building a few times over. I thought I would boil all of this down to the least common denominator. Here we go…

105: Annual List of Five Unusual Things to Be Thankful For

11/27/2019 Life Coaching
Back in 2016, I started what has become an annual Thanksgiving tradition…my list of Five Unusual Things to Be Thankful for. Here is the 2019 edition.

104: Bull's Eye Thinking for Your Career

11/20/2019 Career Management
One of the topics I’ve talked about before on this podcast is the concept of the bull’s eye as it relates to your dream career. If you think of your career as a dart board, then all of the “suitable” jobs for you are somewhere on that dart board. Your goal, then, as a recent college graduate with little if any career experience is to get on the outer rung of your dart board.

103: What's Really Going on with the Glass Ceiling

11/13/2019 Career Management
If you’re not familiar with the term “glass ceiling,” here’s a definition: “An unofficially acknowledged barrier to advancement in a profession, especially affecting women and members of minorities.” I want to specifically address women and the glass ceiling in this episode.

102: 15 Minutes a Day on LinkedIn Can Make All the Difference

11/06/2019 LinkedIn
Your goal for LinkedIn might be to get a new job, to be more attractive to recruiters, or to be recognized as a Subject Matter Expert in your field. Whatever your goal, creating a process to achieve that goal is important. Here's how.

101: Volunteering as a Career Development Strategy

10/30/2019 Career Management
Here’s a definition of volunteering: Volunteering is generally considered an altruistic activity where an individual or group provides services for no financial or social gain "to benefit another person, group or organization". ... Many volunteers are specifically trained in the areas they work, such as medicine, education, or emergency rescue. Let’s begin by defining the types of volunteering experiences available.

100: Episode #100 - A Centennial Celebration!

10/23/2019 Other
This week's episode is a trip down memory lane, with a look at how this podcast started, how it got to episode #100, and where we're going from here.

099: Don't Make these Fatal Interview Mistakes

10/16/2019 Interviewing
In light of my credentials, and because it’s near Halloween, I decided to give you my Unlucky 13 Fatal Interview Mistakes. Rather than talk about specific questions candidates answer “wrong,” I want to talk about the bigger picture here.

098: Bored at Work? Here's the Antidote

10/09/2019 Career Management
When you’ve been doing the same task, the same way, for a while, you become unconsciously competent at that task. In other words, your brain, in its propensity to want to be efficient, creates a neural pathway relative to that task, and relegates that task to your subconscious. This is a recipe for boredom.

097: Should I Be Connecting with Recruiters?

09/18/2019 Job Search
I get a lot of questions about recruiters, so I figured some education was in order. Specifically, people ask me if they should be connecting with recruiters as part of their job search strategy. They are talking specifically about third-party recruiters, as opposed to recruiters who are employed in the HR department of a company and are recruiting solely for that company. Here's my approach to recruiter relationships.

096: What Your University Career Center Can Do For You...and its Limitations

09/11/2019 Other
Today, we’re talking about university career centers. I want to begin this topic by saying that I have 22 years’ experience as the director of two university career centers, so I know of what I speak.

095: Career Coaches and Resume Writers - How to Choose

09/04/2019 Resumes
This episode dives into whether you should hire a career coach or resume writer, and if so, how to choose the right one for you.

094: The New Breed of Entrepreneur (Interview with Ron Frazier)

08/28/2019 Other
This week's episode is a discussion of entrepreneurship ad entrepreneur education with Ron Frazier of FSU's Jim Moran School of Entrepreneurship.

093: Job Searching in a Different City

08/21/2019 Job Search
Conducting a job search outside of the city you currently live in adds another layer of challenges and expenses. Here are some factors to consider.

092: Gratitude vs. Wanting More

08/14/2019 Life Coaching
There’s a balance to be found between being grateful for what you have, and yet wanting more for your life. I want to offer a different perspective of gratitude versus wanting more.

091: Entrepreneurial Conversation with Chirag Shah

08/07/2019 Other
This week's podcast is an interview with Tallahassee entrepreneur Chirag Shah, owner of The Current Agency - a digital and creative marketing agency.

090: Making a Career Transition (Interview with Lauren Gerard)

07/31/2019 Job Search
This week's episode is with Lauren Gerard, a client I worked with in 2018. Hear what motivated her to look for a new job, what her job search looked like before and after reaching out to me, what she found most helpful about working with a professional job search coach, how she found her new job, and how she's enjoying her new position.

089: Career Coaching vs. Life Coaching

07/24/2019 Career Management
It occurred to me that there are some similarities and distinct differences between career coaching and life coaching, and I thought I would educate you, dear listeners. If you want help with your career, it’s very important you know what kind of help you actually need…and who can best support you. In either instance, understand that co

088: Job Passion, Proficiency, and Profitability

07/17/2019 Career Management
A job MUST provide you with an outlet for your passion, require sufficient proficiency to perform the job well, and compensate you sufficiently to be profitable. Let’s break these down.

087: How to Find Work in the US as a Foreign National

07/10/2019 Job Search
You are going to be looking for companies that are willing to sponsor a visa, which will cost the employer approximately $25K. Because of this, only about 5% of companies in the US will sponsor visas, and they typically only do so for individuals with highly specialized skills.

086: How to Succeed in the First 90 Days in a New Job (with Robert Moment)

07/03/2019 Career Management
Starting any new job can be an exciting, yet stressful experience. You are entering an unfamiliar environment with certain procedures or behaviors that may be drastically different than your first job. You certainly want to make a good impression, as your first impression in any job can be difficult to reverse.

085: Developing Your Questions to Ask the Interviewer

06/26/2019 Interviewing
Today we’re talking about the questions you can ask the interviewer.

084: Prepping for the Behavioral Interview

06/19/2019 Interviewing
Behavioral interviews are incredibly common today, and they are based on the philosophy that past performance is the best indicator of future performance. Behavioral interview questions are very difficult to wing; they require planning and thought.

083: Answering the Dreaded "Strengths" and "Weaknesses" Interview Questions

06/12/2019 Interviewing
Today we’re diving into the “strengths” and “weaknesses” interview questions.

082: Answering the "Tell Me About Yourself" Interview Question

06/05/2019 Interviewing
Here are my top tips for preparing for the "tell me about yourself" interview question.

081: How Not to Be a Networking Barnacle

06/01/2019 Networking
An effective networking strategy must be equal parts take and give. Here are my top tips for creating value for the people you network with.

080: Places to Network (and how to maximize them)

05/22/2019 Networking
Today, let’s talk about where you can network. The events or organizations that can provide significant potential benefit to networking for a new job.

079: How Most People Network...and My Approach

05/15/2019 Networking
Most people use what I call the Tommy Gun Approach to networking. I teach a much more strategic approach I call the Bow and Arrow Approach. Here are the differences.

078: Why is Networking So Stinkin' Important?

05/08/2019 Networking
Everyone knows they are supposed to network...few know exactly why or what benefits they can derive from networking. Here are my top reasons to network and the benefits of various types of networking.

077: Cover Letter - Yes or No?

05/01/2019 Resumes
Here are three reasons TO include a cover letter and three reasons NOT to include a cover letter. Also, I give tips for writing your cover letter and how to submit on an ATS (Applicant Tracking System).

076: Strategies to Make the Most of LinkedIn

04/17/2019 LinkedIn
In today's episode, I give you my top five tips for making the most of LinkedIn during a job search.

075: Top Eight Improvements for Your LinkedIn Profile

04/03/2019 LinkedIn
These are my top suggestions for improving the "curb appeal" of your home on LinkedIn - your profile.

074: What You MUST Know About Resumes in 2019

04/03/2019 Resumes
Here are my top tips for improving your resume for the human eye AND the Applicant Tracking System (ATS)

073: Leadership for Millennials (with Peter Berry)

03/27/2019 Leadership
This week's guest is Peter Berry. We talk about best practices for Millennials who want to move into the leadership ranks, as well as some of the innovative practices companies are using to attract, and retain, Millennials in their workforce.

072: Leading By Being (with Licia Berry)

03/20/2019 Leadership
Today's guest is Licia Berry of Daughers of Earth. We discuss Leading By Being.

071: Top 10 Leadership De-Railers

03/13/2019 Leadership
Here are my top 10 ways to de-rail your leadership potential, and how to avoid them

070: Dressing for Leadership Roles

My guest, Jane Springer, talks about how men and women can dress professional to position themselves for leadership roles.

069: Taking on Stretch Assignments to Boost Your Leadership Creds

02/27/2019 Leadership
Here are top tips for stretching yourself in your current job as a way to build your leadership skills

067: Identifying Your Leadership Style

02/15/2019 Leadership
Top tips for identifying, and capitalizing on, your unique leadership style.

068: Speaking with Leadership Authority

02/13/2019 Leadership
An important piece of your leadership strength is in the presence you have when communicating, either one-on-one or to a group. Here are my top tips.

066: Developing as a Leader (with Melizza Black)

02/13/2019 Leadership
Tools for developing your leadership skills.

065: How to Get Identified as a High-Potential Employee

02/13/2019 Career Management
In this interview with Denise Wilson of Capital City Bank, we talk about how to get recognized by your employer as a high-potential employee...and the benefits of doing so.

064: Employee Benefits (with Michelle Snow)

02/11/2019 Career Management
In this interview with benefits specialist, Michelle Snow, you'll learn the basic vocabulary of employee benefits...and what questions to ask a prospective employer about their benefits package.

Blog: Do You Actually LIKE What You’re Doing?

01/11/2019 Career Management
In this week’s podcast, I talk about Motivated Skills vs. Burnout Skills. Let’s dig into this concept a bit deeper.

063: Self-Employment and Side Hustles

12/26/2018 Career Management
Today I want to talk about alternative work arrangements including self-employment, contract work, and side hustles.

062: People Who Made Significant Career Changes

12/18/2018 Career Management
Today, I’m presenting case studies of people who made significant career changes, and the lessons to be learned from those changes.

061: Is It My Career Or Just My Job?

(How to figure out what’s not working and fix it) This month’s theme is starting, restarting, or changing careers. Today I want to talk about job dissatisfaction. How to figure out what the problem is... and how to solve it.

060: Starting Your Career – Proper Perspective is Everything

The theme for December is Starting, Continuing, or Restarting Your Career. Today, I want to give you five top tips for starting your career. Specifically, about how to view the beginning of your career in a way that serves you.

059: Purpose Questions to Ask Yourself

11/28/2018 Career Decisions
On Monday of this week, I did a Facebook Live on my top 5 year-end professional purpose questions. I thought I would go a bit deeper on this topic of Professional Purpose with this week’s podcast.

058: How to Negotiate a Job Offer

11/21/2018 Job Search
Today, we’re talking about what you can…and can’t…negotiate in a job offer. Also when and how to negotiate.

Blog: Five Unusual Things to Be Thankful For: 2018 Edition

11/16/2018 Other
It’s become an annual event, this list of unusual things I’m thankful for every Thanksgiving. To keep the tradition going, here’s the 2018 edition,

057: Three Amazing Employers – Case Studies

11/14/2018 Career Management
What Makes an Amazing Employer? This month’s theme for my podcasts and blogs is the most important qualities in an employer.

Blog: Employee Benefits: Really Cool & Downright Weird

11/09/2018 Career Management
In this week’s podcast, I talked about what employees value most in an employer. Today, I wanted to tag-team on that idea with some of the most unusual / coolest / strangest employee perks I found.

056: What Employees Value Most in an Employer

11/07/2018 Career Management
What do you value in an employer? I researched three online sites for this podcast.

055: Career Decisions: Bringing it all Together

10/31/2018 Career Decisions
This month, I’ve done episodes covering Motivated Skills, personality preferences using the framework of the MBTI, Core Values, and Areas of Expertise in making career decisions. Today I want to bring all of these things together.

Blog: Which Areas of Expertise Are Most In-Demand Right Now?

10/26/2018 Career Management
This week’s podcast talks about identifying your Areas of Expertise.

054: What are You REALLY Good At? (Areas of Expertise)

10/24/2018 Career Management
Today’s topic is “What are You REALLY Good At?” We’re talking about capitalizing on your Areas of Expertise.

Blog: The Macro- and Micro-Levels of Your Career Choice

10/19/2018 Career Decisions
This week’s podcast is about identifying and incorporating your Core Values into your career choice.

053: Translating Your Core Values into your Career Decision

10/17/2018 Career Decisions
This month’s podcasts are covering the importance of incorporating your skills, values, personality, and areas of expertise into your career decision. Today, we’re talking about Core Values.

Blog: Personality Type in Career Choice: Case Studies

10/12/2018 Career Management
In this week’s podcast, I talk about the role of personality type in career choice. I use the framework of the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI).

052: Using Personality Information in your Career Choice

10/10/2018 Career Decisions
This month, I’m talking about using critical information about yourself in your career choice. Last week, I talked about Motivated Skills; this week I want to talk about personality.

050: Work/Life Blend (Balance is a Myth)

10/03/2018 Career Management
Why Work/Life Balance is a Myth

051: Identifying Your Motivated Skills

10/03/2018 Career Management
This month, we’ll be drilling down on your skills, personality preferences, core values, and expertise. Each of these things can, and should, play a role in your career decisions.

Blog: Ways to Restore Equilibrium When Work is a B****h

09/28/2018 Career Management
Today, let’s talk about how to get back to normal when things at work aren’t, so you aren’t damaging your evenings and weekends (and alienating friends and family).

049: What to Do if You’re Not Growing at Work

09/20/2018 Career Management
There are two facets to this topic I want to cover: -You’re not being given new tasks or assignments to stimulate you (this is a management issue) -You aren’t feeling motivated to do the work anymore (this is an internal issue)

Blog: Five Quick Ways to Get Branded as Unprofessional

09/14/2018 Career Management
Here are my top five ways to quickly become branded as “unprofessional.

048: External Education Opportunities

09/13/2018 Career Management
Today, let’s talk about continuing your education outside your current employer.

Blog: What is Professionalism, Anyway?

What is professionalism, anyway? Most of us can think of people in our universe who are “consummate professionals.” Most of us can also rattle off the names of a few “unprofessional” people we know. But most of us would be hard-pressed to define or describe professionalism.

Blog: What Makes a Great Employer?

09/07/2018 Other
What should a candidate look for in a prospective employer? What are the qualities and characteristics of a great employer?

047: Taking Advantage of Your Company's Professional Development Opportunities

09/05/2018 Career Management
Here are tips for taking advantage of your employer's training and professional development offerings.

Blog: Why Appearance Matters

In this blog, I want to talk about the consequences of not taking care with your appearance. The potential damage you are doing to your career.

046: Dress & Grooming (with Abigail Hunter)

This week’s podcast covers all the bases when it comes to dress and grooming for today’s workplace. With guest Abigail Hunter

043: How to Speak and Write at Work

08/29/2018 Career Management
Far too few people have exceptional written communication skills, and I’ve seen plenty of people be held back professionally because of poor writing ability.

Blog: Who Really Cares About Dining Etiquette, Anyway?

There are numerous times when your professionalism will be on display in the form of your manners.

045: Business Dining Etiquette

Good dining etiquette is essential to succeed in many career fields. Here is a quiz and tips to improve your dining etiquette I.Q.

Blog: Skills and Values Employers Are Looking For

08/18/2018 Career Management
I want to share with you "14 Skills and Values Employers Seek in Jobseekers.”

What is Workplace Professionalism, Really?

I want to break this concept of professionalism down to its most basic elements.

044: Work Etiquette

Here are my top 20 tips for work etiquette.

042: You ARE Getting Results…Are They the Results You Want?

This month, I’m taking a week for each of the components of the thought model as developed by my coach, Brooke Castillo.

Blog: Taking Positive Action

Today, I want to hone in on taking positive action to get the results you desire in your work.

041: Taking the Proper Action Steps

My top 20 tips for work etiquette.

Blog: Feelings Ahead of Time

07/20/2018 Life Coaching
I invite you to decide ahead of time how you want to feel in a given situation, and then feel that way on purpose.

040: How Do You Want to Feel?

07/18/2018 Life Coaching
This month, I’m taking a week for each of the components of the thought model as developed by my coach, Brooke Castillo. Don’t be at the affect of your thoughts, but rather direct your thoughts to generate the feeling you want to have.

Blog: You Didn’t Get That Result By Accident

07/17/2018 Life Coaching
Consider this your thought master class. I’m giving you some thought models to fill in.

Blog: Think About What You’re Thinking About

07/13/2018 Life Coaching
Your Thoughts Determine EVERYTHING. Let's consider how it determines your work situation.

039: Your Thoughts Determine EVERYTHING

07/11/2018 Life Coaching
Today, I want to hone in on your thoughts. These are the sentences in your head about the circumstances of your life.

Blog: How to Slay it at Work…No Matter the Circumstance

Here’s the bottom line: the circumstances of your life are neutral. There is no meaning – positive or negative – until you have a thought about that circumstance.

038: The Neutrality of Circumstances

07/04/2018 Life Coaching
With any situation in your life, you have a neutral circumstance. This is the fact of the situation, devoid of any emotion or bias. The circumstance is the only part of the thought model over which you have no control – and that’s great news.

Blog: Unraveling Personality Differences at Work

06/29/2018 Career Management
You are going to encounter “difficult” personalities at work. It is inevitable. I want to frame this with the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI).

037: The Work Stuff No One Ever Tells You

06/27/2018 Career Management
This week, my guest on the podcast is Becky Cutright, Communications Consultant with the Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis. Hear the top 5 things she wishes someone would have told her as she was entering the workforce

Blog: How to Give Feedback to Coworkers

06/22/2018 Career Management
Here are five tips for giving feedback to coworkers

036: Managing Your Boss

06/20/2018 Career Management
If you haven’t entered the work force yet or are brand new to the work force, the concept of managing your boss may be foreign to you.

Blog: How to Have a Difficult Conversation at Work

06/15/2018 Career Management
Let’s talk about how you can have those difficult work conversations in a way that doesn’t leave one or both parties feeling like you’ve been run over and left for road kill.

035: Emotional Adulthood at Work

First, let’s define emotional adulthood. Emotional adulthood is where you take responsibility for what you think, feel, and do.

Blog: No One’s Ever Indispensable at Work

06/08/2018 Career Management
While I want you to make yourself as invaluable an employee as you possibly can be, s**t happens.

034: How to Be Indispensable at Work

06/06/2018 Career Management
The first message I want you to hear is that you have the option of making yourself indispensable at work, no matter the job you’re in or the circumstances surrounding that job

Blog: The Antidote to the Vanilla Resume

06/01/2018 Resumes
Let's look at the differences between what most people call a resume (I call it a “data sheet”) and a branded resume.

033: Resume Reconstruction Camp

05/30/2018 Resumes
The resumes I create for my clients, and those most certified resume writers create, are branded marketing documents.

032: It May Not Be Your Dream Job, But...

Here are my top strategies for getting your foot in the door at your dream employer.

Blog: Top LinkedIn Tips for Your Job Search

05/18/2018 LinkedIn Job Search
I want to talk about ten ways you can use LinkedIn in your job search.

031: LinkedIn Tips for Entry-Level Job Seekers

05/16/2018 Job Search LinkedIn
If you haven’t created a LinkedIn profile yet, that has to be Step #1. Here's how:

Blog: Scheduling Your Job Search

05/11/2018 Job Search
Let’s drill down on how to create your job search calendar.

030: Active vs. Passive Job Search Strategies

05/09/2018 Job Search
Job boards: While this strategy can be somewhat effective for entry-level positions, it is a dangerous habit to get in to, because as you advance through your career, more senior positions will be harder and harder to access through job boards.

Blog: The “Grass is Greener” Syndrome…and its Destruction

05/04/2018 Career Management
Drilling down deeper on "The Grass is Greener Syndrome"

029: Interview with Human Resources Executive, Gloria Reed

05/02/2018 Career Management
This week’s podcast features an interview with human resources executive Gloria Reed, discussing the primary missteps she sees recent college graduates making in their first job out of college.

028: Know the Product You Are Selling (You) for Graduating College Students

04/28/2018 Job Search
There are three main perspectives I want to share with upcoming (or recent) college graduates related to your first “real” job search.

Blog: How NOT to Be the Generic Job Candidate

04/27/2018 Job Search
Identifying your personal brand is crucial in positioning yourself as the name-brand alternative to the many generic candidates you will be competing with.

Blog: Your College Degree ≠ Your Career Path

04/20/2018 Career Decisions
Your degree does not have to equal your career choice.

027: Choosing Your Career Path for Graduating College Students

04/18/2018 Career Decisions
There are three main perspectives I want to share with upcoming (or recent) college graduates related to your career this week:

Blog: Networking - The All-Important Elevator Pitch

04/13/2018 Networking
Here are the important components of an effective elevator pitch:

026: Career Q&A with College Students (Part 2)

This week is part 2 of my Q&A session with two Florida State University students

Blog: Career Passion and Reinvention

04/06/2018 Career Management
Spring is a time for renewal and rebirth and reinvention. Yours?

025: Career Q&A with College Students (Part 1)

PART 1: Q&A with two Florida State University College Students

Blog: How Will You Show Up at Work (and in Life) Today?

Discussing the Results You Get With the Thoughts You Have - Guest Blogger Jane Springer

024: Increasing Your Value to Your Employer (with Jane Springer)

03/28/2018 Career Management
Today’s guest is Jane Springer, life and style coach. We’re talking about how to increase the value you bring to your employer.

Blog: Making it Through a Job Search Unscathed

03/23/2018 Job Search
Here’s what is optional during a job search: Beating. Yourself. Up

023: Attitude Check During the Job Search

03/21/2018 Job Search
I can’t imagine anyone describing the job search as “fun” or “enjoyable”, but it doesn’t have to be awful, either.

Blog: Can’t Change Anyone Else. Best News Ever.

03/16/2018 Career Management
Managing yourself around your relationships at work.

022: Managing Relationships at Work

03/14/2018 Career Management
Here’s the main message I want to give you today: You can’t change anyone else.

Blog: The Joy of An Employment Gap

03/10/2018 Career Management
An Employment Gap can be an incredible time in your life, if you approach it from the right perspective, and you have the financial means to indulge.

020: Articulating Your Brand on LinkedIn

02/28/2018 LinkedIn
LinkedIn shouldn’t be a cut-and-paste of your resume. Repeat, NOT a cut-and-paste.

Blog: Don’t Be a Networking Barnacle!

02/23/2018 Networking
Today, let’s talk about networking barnacles.

019: Brilliant Networking for Brilliant People

02/21/2018 Networking
The people who listen to this podcast are brilliant people, so this episode is about brilliant networking for brilliant people.

Blog: Should You Seek That Internal Promotion?

02/16/2018 Career Management
Today, let’s drill down on my top suggestion for navigating the internal promotion process.

018: How to Get That Internal Promotion

02/14/2018 Career Management
Are you effectively managing your career? Today’s topic will help tremendously with your efforts, as I talk about how to position yourself for internal promotions.

Blog: Don’t Make These Resume Mistakes!

02/09/2018 Resumes
Let’s talk about what YOU can do to immensely improve your resume.

017: Biggest Resume Missteps

02/07/2018 Resumes
Today, I’m talking about the top ten missteps I see in the resumes I receive.

Blog: Get Your (Wardrobe) Act Together! (with Jane Springer)

Here are some additional tidbits of fashion wisdom from Jane (

016: The Interview Outfit (with Jane Springer)

Today, I interview stylist and life coach Jane Springer, and we are talking about how to dress for the interview.

Blog: Be Great Where You Are

01/15/2018 Career Management
In this week’s podcast, I give you my top eight tips for being ARFO. Always Ready For Opportunity.

Blog: When Things (Really) Don’t Go As Planned

01/12/2018 Life Coaching
Choosing to Think a Thought That Serves You...When Things (Really) Don't Go As Planned

013: Navigating Experts

01/08/2018 Career Management
want to start with the answer to a question I get asked frequently: what are the differences between coaching, counseling, and consulting?

Blog: Counseling, Coaching, Consulting…Oh My!

01/05/2018 Other
“What is the difference between coaching, counseling, and consulting? ”

Blog: Don’t Be the Generic Job Candidate!

12/26/2017 Job Search
Your potential customers (i.e. employers) need to know exactly what makes you different…better…than the other products (i.e. candidates) on the shelf.

015: Brand YOU

12/24/2017 Career Management
I want to give you my favorite questions for determining my clients’ brand.

Blog: How to Freak Your Brain Out in 2018

12/23/2017 Life Coaching
Navigating Experts How to Freak Your Brain Out in 2018

012: Planning for a Successful 2018

12/21/2017 Life Coaching
Today, I want to give some high-level concepts about managing your career.

011: How to Be ARFO

12/13/2017 Career Management
Let me tell you a little bit about ARFO – Always Ready For Opportunity.

010: Preparing for a Job Search in 2018

12/07/2017 Job Search
Let’s talk about preparing for a job search in 2018 (or whenever you happen to listen to this episode).

Blog: City Girl and Country Cows

12/01/2017 Other
In this week’s podcast, I’m telling six of my favorite funny stories, from work and life.

Blog: Annual List of Five Unusual Things to be Thankful For

11/24/2017 Other
Here’s what I want you to think about: what in your life that you’ve thought of as “terrible” could actually be viewed as a blessing?

008: Five Unusual Things to be Thankful For

11/24/2017 Other
Very few of us take time to find the good in, and be thankful for, the less-than wonderful things that happen. My life coach, Brooke Castillo, calls it “ass.” The negative emotion that will happen about 50% of the time. We can either question why the world is doing this to us, or we can understand that we’re in the midst of “ass.”

Blog: Number One Tip for Managing Your Career

11/17/2017 Career Management
In this week’s podcast, I offer my #1 tip for managing your career

007: Five Top Career Management Tips

11/15/2017 Career Management
Here are my top five career management tips:

006: Capitalizing on the Last Hiring Push of the Year

11/13/2017 Job Search
What to consider when launching a job search at the end of the year

003: Job Search Strategies

10/29/2017 Job Search
Let’s talk about active vs. passive job search strategies.

004: The Hidden Job Market

10/29/2017 Job Search LinkedIn
Depending on what resource you look at, 75%-85% of all jobs are in the hidden job market.

005: Think Yourself Motivated

I’m talking about how to keep your motivation high at work regardless of what’s going on around you.

002: Maximizing the Effectiveness of Job Boards

10/28/2017 Job Search
This week’s podcast is on how to effectively utilize job boards as part of your job search arsenal. I’ll give you my top 12 tips for getting the best possible results from sites like, Monster, and LinkedIn’s job board.

001: Overview of the Job Search

10/25/2017 Job Search
Let’s do a high-level overview of the job search. If you hear me say nothing else today: Job boards are broken. But what’s the alternative?

Blog: Leadership in Your First 90 Days

10/18/2017 Leadership
You’ve landed your next great job.It’s so important to establish your leadership approach from day one

Blog: Life Lessons from Falling, Coughing, and Boarding Up

10/04/2017 Life Coaching
So...We’re not meant to be happy…healthy…wealthy…successful all the time. If we were, we wouldn’t appreciate it. We would simply expect to be happy…healthy…wealthy…successful, all the time. There’s another piece to this, and it is getting back up again.

Blog: Is Your Work Fueling You? Case Studies of Career Shifts

09/28/2017 Career Management
Are you fueling your passion with your work, or is your passion starving in your work?

Blog: It’s All In Your Head

09/21/2017 Life Coaching
No matter what results you’re getting in your life—good or not so good—you can trace those results back to your thoughts.

Blog: Five Tips for Using LinkedIn in a Discreet Job Search

09/13/2017 Job Search LinkedIn
Sometimes, a job search needs to be covert, because you don’t want your current employer finding out what you’re up to. Here are five tips for utilizing LinkedIn for a discreet job search.

Blog: Decisions…In Life and in Hurricane Irma

09/06/2017 Life Coaching
I’d like to offer some parallels between the decisions we’re making about Hurricane Irma and the decisions required of us in our daily lives.

Blog: Are You Squarely in the Center of your Passion?

08/23/2017 Career Decisions
Over the years, people have shared with me the ways in which they aligned their passion with their work. Here are three examples:

Blog: Your Life Purpose…So Much Bigger than a Job Title

08/17/2017 Career Decisions
purpose is what you are uniquely designed to do, and extends far beyond the boundaries of a job title or company.

Blog: Pursue Your Passion…with a Safety Net

08/16/2017 Career Decisions
Here are five ways to pursue your passion while keeping your safety net

Blog: Unhappy at Work? Change Your Thoughts

08/09/2017 Career Management
Your thoughts produce EVERY result in your life. Yes, EVERY result. No exceptions. So, to change your experience in the world, some thought hygiene needs to happen.

Blog: Don’t Leave Your Current Job Before Reading This!

07/20/2017 Career Management
Here are some considerations when deciding whether to move on from your current position.

Blog: What’s Missing On Your Resume?

07/12/2017 Resumes
Let’s talk about what might be missing on your resume – those things that might be keeping you from being optimally qualified for whatever’s next in your career.

Blog: What Are You Doing to Grow in Your Job?

07/05/2017 Career Management
Let’s talk about how to infuse some new life into your job.

Blog: How Job Satisfaction is Affected By Your Personality

06/28/2017 Career Management
Let’s talk about how your job satisfaction can be affected by your personality preferences.

Blog: Stop Spending All Your Time on Job Boards! Do This Instead

06/21/2017 Job Search
My advice on job searching on other than job boards.

Blog: Are You Spending Enough Time on LinkedIn?

06/14/2017 LinkedIn
If you value your connections on LinkedIn…value what LinkedIn can do for you professionally…you MUST spend time on LinkedIn. Not negotiable.

Blog: “Why Should I Network? I’m Not Job Searching!”

06/07/2017 Networking
Maintaining – and growing – your professional network is one of the most important things you can do for long-term career/business success.

Blog: Don’t Let Thoughts Haunt You During Three Points in Your Career

There are three key points in your career when you’ll want to check your thoughts.

Blog: How to Fail at Networking

05/17/2017 Networking
Here’s what many people do wrong in networking…and how you can avoid these traps.

Blog: Three Quick Tips for Updating Your LinkedIn Profile

05/10/2017 LinkedIn
Here are three quick tips to make sure you’re getting the most from your LinkedIn profile, based on the things I see on others’ profiles and the things I get the most questions about.

Blog: Five Tips for Cultivating Relationships with Recruiters

05/03/2017 Career Management
For some of you, the concept of having relationships with recruiters may be a new one. Let's examine.

Blog: Are You Fulfilling Your Life’s Purpose?

04/26/2017 Career Management
My theme this month has been “assess” – assessing your current employment situation, your resume, and your network. We’re wrapping up with assessing the degree to which you are fulfilling your life’s purpose.

Blog: Networking: Are You an A+ Student or a Dropout?

04/19/2017 Networking
Today, I offer three tips to assess your network.

Blog: Is Your Resume Job Search Ready?

04/12/2017 Job Search Resumes
Whether you hire a professional like me or do it yourself, here are five top tips to make sure your resume is job search ready.

Blog: Is it Time to Look for a New Job?

04/05/2017 Career Management
How do you know if it’s time to look for a new job?

Blog: Change Really IS Good: Lessons from the Other Side

03/29/2017 Life Coaching
I want to share what I’ve learned with you, in hopes that it will either encourage you to make a much-needed change, or help you through a change you’re in the midst of.

Blog: The Job Interview: How to Wrap It Up

03/22/2017 Interviewing
Today, I want to talk about the three things you MUST do when closing out an interview.

Blog: Five Top Tips for Resume Writing

03/15/2017 Resumes
My Five Top Tips for Updating your Resume

Blog: Five Top Tips for Keeping Your Resume Current

03/15/2017 Resumes
Your resume should be a marketing document, not a “data sheet.”

021: Taking Care of You During a Job Transition (with Jenn Swanson)

03/07/2017 Job Search
Today, we’re talking about managing the mental, physical, social, and spiritual aspects of a job transition.

Blog: Maximizing the Impact of Your LinkedIn Heading

03/02/2017 LinkedIn
Today, let’s talk specifically about your heading-the statement at the top of your profile, underneath your name.

Blog: Networking: This is How it’s Done

03/01/2017 Networking
Wow. I was blown away by an email I received from a client yesterday. I want to share the essence of that email with you (personally identifiable information removed, of course) because “Joe” is doing everything right.

Blog: Why Hoping, Wishing, and Thinking are Bad

02/22/2017 Life Coaching
How Hope Can Hurt.

Blog: What are you lacking as a job candidate?

02/15/2017 Job Search
Lee Hecht Harrison recently surveyed 277 human resource managers to find out what was missing from the job candidates they receive application materials from.

Blog: Seven Tips for Moving into Another Job with your Employer

02/08/2017 Career Management
Here are my seven top tips for making a seamless transition to a new department

Blog: How Does Your Persistence Measure Up? Take This Quiz.

02/08/2017 Career Management
Whether you are persisting through rejections in the job search process to get to your dream job, persisting through the steps necessary to launch your own business, or persisting through the many demands on your money to save for that trip-of-a-lifetime…the common denominator is persistence.

Blog: The Job Interview…Ouch!

02/01/2017 Interviewing
Job interviews aren’t what most people would call FUN. BUT…interviewing can be successful

Blog: How to Be ARFO…Always Ready For Opportunity

01/25/2017 Career Management
conducted research on my past clients in the summer of 2015, and one of the themes that emerged was what I like to call ARFO…Always Ready for Opportunity.

Blog: Set Goal, Do the Work, Achieve Goal. Rinse and Repeat.

What are you putting off because you think it will be too hard? You might lose? It might “cost” too much (money, time, whatever)?

Blog: When Leaving isn’t Feasible…

01/18/2017 Career Management
When clients complain to me about their job, I tell them they have only two choices: change their circumstances, or change their attitude.

014: The Opposite of Networking is NOT Working

01/17/2017 Networking
Your network should be something you maintain at a low, consistent, but significant level at all times, so Let’s talk about networking from a career management perspective.

Blog: College Graduates…More Top Tips So You Don’t Derail Your Career

12/14/2016 Career Management
Last week, I started a thread of the Top Seven Tips for College Graduates. Here are the remaining tips:

Blog: College Graduates…Don’t Derail Your Career Before it Starts!

12/07/2016 Career Management
Seven Top Tips for Transitioning from College to Career

Blog: Five Unusual Things to Be Thankful For

11/30/2016 Other
I’m proposing an unusual gratitude list…those things that, at least in the moment, don’t seem to be blessings at all.

Blog: How to Get Your Leg in the Room

11/16/2016 Job Search
The bulk of your job search should be focused on getting into the companies you have identified at your target employers.

Blog: Tommy Gun or Bow-and-Arrow Job Search?

11/02/2016 Job Search
Targeting is the Name of the Game

Blog: Job Search or Root Canal? You Choose

10/28/2016 Job Search
There are some similarities: with both the root canal and the job search, you’ll feel much better when it’s over; you’ll also be very sensitive during either process.

Blog: Don’t Let your LinkedIn Connections Die! Do This Instead

10/19/2016 LinkedIn
Today’s blog is my top 10 suggestions for cultivating relationships once you’ve connected with someone.

Blog: Networking on LinkedIn…Not the Thanksgiving Roaster Pan

10/12/2016 LinkedIn Networking
Today, let’s talk about who you should connect with, and how to do so.

Blog: LinkedIn…Networking at its Best

09/28/2016 Networking LinkedIn
Whether we are employed or entrepreneurs, we need time to reflect on what is, and isn’t, serving us. We also need time to look forward, set goals, and lay out the action steps to achieve those goals.

Blog: What is Your Resume’s Message?

09/21/2016 Resumes
What most resumes I see DON’T include is the candidate’s brand…those attributes that differentiate him or her from the competition.

Blog: Rethinking Your Resume

09/14/2016 Resumes
How are you utilizing your resume, and what results are you getting?

Blog: Why We Should All Be More Like Hurricane Hermine

09/07/2016 Other
During and after Hurricane Hermine, I got to thinking about the lessons we can all take from a hurricane

Blog: A Different Way of Thinking About Resumes

08/31/2016 Resumes
I decided the only way I would write about resumes was to take a different approach. The same approach I take with prospective clients during our phone consultations.

Blog: Don’t Let Fear Keep you from Finding your Life’s Purpose

08/11/2016 Career Decisions
The world would be a pretty-near perfect place if everyone was engaged in the thing that makes their heart sing and brings them joy and fulfillment.

Blog: Don’t Let Fear Keep You From Your Life’s Purpose

08/04/2016 Career Decisions
We’re on the topic of your life’s purpose…your passion…finding what you were put on this earth for.

Blog: Are You Playing Hide-and-Go-Seek with Your Life’s Purpose?

07/29/2016 Career Decisions
I talked about finding your passion in my last blog, and I wanted to go even deeper into finding your life’s purpose.

Blog: Why Now is the Perfect Time to Reflect on our Passion

07/21/2016 Career Management
Tragedy can bring us together…or tear us apart.

Blog: Here’s What Your Job Search Might Be Missing

06/16/2016 Job Search
It’s a brand new job search game out there…do you know how to play?

Blog: What Isn’t Working in Job Searches These Days

06/08/2016 Job Search
In this last blog, I share what tools and resources unsuccessful job seekers were using. By knowing what doesn’t work, hopefully it gives you clarity around what does.

Blog: Why Do Some Job Seekers Give Up?

06/01/2016 Job Search
Today’s blog provides insight into those job seekers I spoke with who stopped looking for a job.

Blog: Advice from Recent Job Seekers

05/25/2016 Job Search
This blog provides you with advice from recent job seekers – what they wish someone would have told them.

Blog: Using Job Boards in the Job Search

05/18/2016 Job Search
Where Do Job Boards Fit into your Job Search?

Blog: Job Search Tools – What’s Most Successful?

05/11/2016 Job Search
Changes in the Job Search Landscape Require Changes to your Job Search Strategy

Blog: How Has the Job Search Changed?

05/04/2016 Job Search
Networking is the Name of the Game

Blog: What’s Working for Job Seekers…and What Isn’t

04/27/2016 Job Search
My research results from numerous previous clients who were quick to tell me what had worked for them, and what hadn’t.

Blog: Joining Groups in LinkedIn For Job Search

02/13/2016 Job Search LinkedIn
I wanted to talk about joining in and participating in groups, and following companies you’re interested in working for.

Blog: Utilizing LinkedIn’s Endorsements and Recommendations in Your Job Search

02/12/2016 Job Search LinkedIn
Remember to build an Endorsements section that accurately represents the skill set you want to convey to those potential employers. Your skills should be on-brand, not confusing, and not duplicated.

Blog: How Employers Are Utilizing LinkedIn in the Hiring Process

02/10/2016 Job Search LinkedIn
If you understand how employers use LinkedIn to find great candidates, you can increase the likelihood that they’ll find you.

Blog: Networking Your Way to Your Ideal Job

12/27/2015 Networking Job Search
A targeted, proactive job search MUST include networking.

Blog: How to On-Board Successfully as a Leader (Part Two)

07/03/2015 Leadership
Let’s talk about the people you are likely to encounter on your journey.

Blog: How to On-Board Successfully as a Leader (Part One)

06/26/2015 Leadership
It’s important to on-board successfully so that you start off on the right foot.

Blog: The Value of Job Search Coaching

06/19/2015 Job Search
Today’s job searches are more complex, multi-faceted, and less intuitive than ever. Here are some questions to ask yourself.

Blog: Understanding Personality During the Job Interview, Part 4

06/12/2015 Interviewing
We come to the final preference pair of the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator, Judging vs. Perceiving.

Blog: Understanding Personality During the Job Interview, Part 3

06/05/2015 Interviewing
In this blog, I want to talk about how a person derives his or her energy - and the implications of that orientation to the job interview.

Blog: Understanding Personality During the Job Interview, Part 2

05/29/2015 Interviewing
In this blog, let’s talk about how people make decisions.

Blog: Understanding Personality During the Job Interview, Part 1

05/19/2015 Interviewing
Let me provide you with some insight into how to navigate various personalities during the job interview.

Blog: Five Simple Resume Tips for College Grads

04/24/2015 Resumes
Simple Resume Tips for College Grads

Blog: Job Search for College Grads

04/22/2015 Job Search
Clearly, for some, the job search is an afterthought in the matriculation process.

Blog: The Interview: Know Thyself

04/03/2015 Interviewing
You Have to Know Yourself to Succeed in the Interview.

Blog: Answering the Toughest Interview Question

03/27/2015 Interviewing
I have found the most difficult question for candidates to answer is often the first question asked. And because it’s the first question, if you’re not prepared with a strong answer you’ve sabotaged your entire interview.

Blog: Developing a Tool Kit for your Job Interview

03/20/2015 Interviewing
Your preparation for the job interview should be far more comprehensive than for a first date, yet so many people go into interviews with little to no preparation.

Blog: Job Interviewing and Dating

03/13/2015 Interviewing
It doesn’t matter how old you are, how much experience you have, or your level of education…interviewing is stressful.

Blog: Tools for Networking During Your Job Search

03/06/2015 Networking
As we wrap up this thread, here are some additional networking insights:

Blog: Organizing Your Networking Contacts During Your Job Search

02/20/2015 Networking Job Search
Once you’ve established your target employers (you have done this, haven’t you?), then your networking contacts will fall into one of four categories.

Blog: Networking…A MUST In Your Job Search

02/13/2015 Networking Job Search
You’ve heard it before…75% of job opportunities are in the “hidden job market” and the only way to have a shot at those positions is through networking.

Blog: LinkedIn Job Search: Joining Groups and Following Companies

01/28/2015 LinkedIn Job Search
Joining Groups and Following Companies In LinkedIn to Help Your Job Search

Blog: LinkedIn: Endorsements & Recommendations Boost your Job Search Efforts

01/21/2015 LinkedIn Job Search
As you “ramp up” your LinkedIn profile to make a positive impression on potential employers, remember to build an Endorsements section that accurately represents the skill set you want to convey.

Blog: Organizing Your Job Search

09/20/2014 Job Search
Here’s a Job Search Reality: Organization is a MUST in the job search. It doesn’t matter whether you use one of the on-line job campaign systems such as JibberJobber, an Excel spreadsheet, or file folders, the point is you must stay organized throughout your campaign.

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