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Quick Facts about ECC & Lesa Edwards

Lesa Edwards

  • I’m a Master Resume Writer—one of fewer than 25 in the world. (Really, really big deal.)
  • I’m a Certified Job Search Strategist and Certified Coach—I have the coaching skills and job search knowledge to guide you through every aspect of your career.
  • I have a master’s degree in public administration, coupled with a bachelor’s degree in music education from Florida State University.
  • I’m really smart, ask great questions, and am incredibly insightful.
  • I’m personable…my clients love my sense of humor and professionalism.

Here's Who I Work With

High-achieving, college-educated professionals who want the full scope of job search assistance including career direction, superior-quality marketing documents, a highly effective job search strategy, top-notch interviewing skills, and individualized support throughout the job search.

I LOVE working with these people because they are smart (like me), ambitious (like me), goal-oriented (like me), and passionate (like me).

Here's Who I Don't Work With

  • People who just want to dabble in the job market with a passive job search using job boards
  • Non-college graduates
  • Those who squeaked by in college, doing only the minimum
  • Those who don’t have ambitious professional goals
  • Those who want someone to “do” their job search for them, with minimum involvement on their part
  • People who only want to spend a few hundred dollars on something they expect to yield massive ROI for them
  • Those who just want “a job” and are in desperation mode

What Do I Offer My Clients?

  • I write their resume, cover letter, LinkedIn profile, and other marketing documents so they have top-notch materials they are THRILLED to send to employers
  • I coach them through the job search process so they know WHAT to do and WHY, WHEN to do it, and HOW to get stellar results
  • I coach them on how to blow a job interview OUT OF THE WATER! They leave these sessions with the strategy, skills, and confidence to excel at the job interview.
  • A clear career focus, so you move in the direction of your professional purpose!
  • Marketing documents that land interviews-guaranteed!*
  • A targeted, proactive job search strategy that gets you face time with decision-makers in your dream companies.

About Me

I began my business because I saw how frustrated high-achieving, college-educated professionals were in trying to navigate their job search on their own - with inferior marketing documents, an ineffective job search strategy, and little awareness of how to utilize LinkedIn.

Many of my clients haven't interviewed for a job in years...decades...and find themselves ill-equipped to navigate the behavioral interview.

I offer high achieving, college-educated professionals the solution to this frustration, with superior-quality marketing documents personally written by me as one of fewer than 25 Master Resume Writers in the world, as well as a targeted, proactive job search strategy, top-notch interviewing skills, and individualized support.

Clients gain clarity around their career direction and are GUARANTEED to land interviews with their resume and job search strategy!

I am a Certified Job Search Strategist, Certified Coach, and one of fewer than 25 Master Resume Writers on the planet.

After managing two university career centers in the U.S., I translated that experience into a full-service company that delivers excellence in career decision-making, resume and LinkedIn profile writing, job search strategy, and career management coaching.

I have worked with clients on every continent except Antarctica, and my clients have landed their dream jobs in Fortune 500 companies, nonprofits, startups, and mid-sized organizations throughout the world.

Outside of work, I am the mother to two 20-somethings named Reese and Chloe and a Black and Tan Coonhound named Piper. I live in Tallahassee, where I enjoy being a part of the Florida State University culture as an alum. An avid reader, outdoor enthusiast, and beach lover, I am thrilled to be back in my home state.

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