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Exclusive Career Coaching gives high-achieving, college-educated professionals the world’s most powerful combination of tools, knowledge, skills, resources, and individualized support to land their dream job, increase their promotability, and successfully navigate their career.

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The job market is tougher than it has ever been in our lifetime, with record unemployment and companies closing their doors. You need a superior resume to attract the attention of your ideal employers — one that clearly articulates the unique value you will bring to the organization. This FREE five-day course will walk you through all the essential elements of a superior resume designed to get great results!

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Don't miss a moment of Lesa Edwards' Exclusive Career Coaching podcasts. This weekly podcast covers all things career management including job search strategies, interviewing tips, networking tools, maximizing LinkedIn, salary negotiations, and managing your mindset around your career.


Whether you are looking to move up in your current field or make a career change, planning and strategy are they keys to a lasting successful shift.


Working with Lesa Edwards teaches you the skills, tools, and practices you need to get noticed, but more importantly, you will learn how to set and navigate your own course.


Land your dream job, increase your promotability, and successfully navigate your career with the world’s most powerful combination of tools, knowledge, skills, resources, and individualized support.

“Lesa is amazing and helped me to identify my core skills and achievements when I decided to elevate my career to the next level. She helped me devise a customized plan and provided support every step of the way. Her expertise in career coaching, personable approach, and attention to detail really helped me trust her immediately. The content and results spoke for themselves. I would highly recommend her for any professional seeking career evaluation and guidance!”

- Amy Syzmanski, Conference Planning

“I have really enjoyed the career coaching process with Lesa. She is a true expert in her field and knows what employers are looking for in terms of skill sets and work. She helped me to streamline my resume and LinkedIn profile and to fine-tune my approach to my career. In addition to her extensive industry knowledge and insights, Lesa has a great energy and which made the process enjoyable. If you are looking to make a change, definitely connect with Lesa!”

- Persia Tatar, Marketing

“Looking for a new job can be difficult especially when you are trying to switch fields. The process is extremely daunting when you do not know where to start. Luckily, I was fortunate enough to work with Lesa, who has made every step of the way seamless and eye-opening. Lesa genuinely cares about each of her clients and is highly knowledgeable on the techniques to best market yourself to prospective employers. With Lesa’s help, I have successfully switched industries and landed an exciting new opportunity. If you are in the process of searching for a new job or career path, then look no further than Lesa Edwards!”

- Lauren Gerard, Business Operations